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Asus Chromebox – All you need to know


Make a right decision of using Asus Chromebox

In today’s computing world, chrome has revolutionized to a great extent especially in monetary and design terms. In the year 2012, Samsung was one such company that introduced the Chormebox ,which was a desktop version of the laptop that was based on Chrome OS. Although this device has disappeared now but it is equally true that since then the demand for Chrome box has drastically increased and now Asus Chromebox seems to be ruling the market.

Asus Chromebox

Know more about Asus Chromebox

Asus Chromebox is one handy device which has been showing a great sale rate in today’s time. As compared to windows PC or MAC, there is no doubt that Asus has come up with this incredible concept. It is inexpensive and offers the best solution of stationery system at work and even at the home. For the people who have been using the traditional desktop may get confused while using Chromebox at first but this is one the most refined version that you will come across.

Asus Chromebox: Design that is unique

The size of Chormebox is quite big but it is equally true that it does not take much space as compared to the CD case. It offers better flexibility and it will be soon out in the market at the in expensive price. The user can avail the CPU configurations which makes it more user friendly as compared to Chrome OS. This light browsing source is certainly responsible for the smooth performance of the system. As compared to Chrome OS, Chromebox has definitely got many solutions for the common errors and problems that users generally face.

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Asus Chromebox stands out to be the best in Comparison:

Often a time, the Chrome OS users compare it with Asus Chromebox to understand how well chromebox can offer the services. The fact is as compared to the other computers desktop, the Chromebox is smaller in size with the dimension of 1.7 x 4.9 x 4.9 in and weight 1.2 lb. It is much smaller and lighter in weight than that of the Samsung’s Chromebox. You can easily connect it to the monitor or even under the desk or keep it in the plastic bracket.

Specifications that can be helpful:

This Chromebox certainly seems to be a good one in the market which is Intel’s fourth-generation. It comes with 2955U processor and has 2 GB memory capacity. It has the ability to hold up to 8 GM ram and if more changes are done, there are still same areas of improvement. The system has 16 GB SSD in which a person can store up to 32GB. The customer also gets 100GB of Google Drive online storage which they can enjoy for next 2 years.

Why is Asus Chromebox so popular these days?

The Chrome can be used for multi purposes without getting hanged. It has the ability to play the HD video without compromising with the quality. You can also use the Google slides while displaying the presentation. The best part is an entire science simulation can easily be operated with the use of just 11.2 watts which is definitely not a bad thing. It is best suited for daily purpose which is one of the main reasons that make sit popular among many users.


Understand the Working of Chromebox:

If you are really looking forward to choose Chormebox. but reviews and certain specifications must be clear in your mind, then certainly there is no doubt that you must understand its working before you start using it. You can quickly connect to Chromebox easily but along with this. you will also need a mouse and keyboard. It works by using the functioning keys such as F8 for reducing the volume of the audio while F1 for going back to the page.

Benefits of using Asus Chromebox:

There is no doubt that Asus Chromebox is one of the best products that has been launched in the market so far. Even if you compare it with Samsung’s Chrome OS. you will find Chormebox much better in terms of flexibility and safe. This is a Google’s Web-based operating system which holds plenty of advantages that you need to understand such as:

  • Chormebox can boot easily in few seconds
  • It is quite flexible in terms of giving the output
  • In case you wish t have the virus protection, you don’t have to update it manually as it will get auto updated
  • Such type of product is completely secured and can be managed properly
  • If you wish to switch from the traditional OS to something really worth, then Asus Chromebox is the right place
  • It has a sleek design and looks elegant too

Drawback that you may not ignore:

Although Chromebox is value for money but it is equally true that there are few flaws that can’t be ignored. Sometimes, it may get hanged or the file manager can be misleading. As compared to MAC and PCs chrome, the Asus Chromebox is still lacking behind in terms of providing the fruitful results. You can use it for variety of tasks but it may slow down at a certain point.

With one year warranty, to try out Asus is no doubt the best thing you can do. You will definitely get a good performance and enjoy ample of memory storage too. The product definitely gives good solution and is leading one in the market today.


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