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The Best Android Game!


(This is totally Bases on my views.)

Clash Of Clans

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This game is awesome guys , I am saying This with my personal experience of 2 years! I tried lot of games but this game took my heart.

This game is launched in 2012 and Became very popular in 2013.

This game is a package of fun for 3 years minimum but it gets more updates so time keep on increasing! This is an online game So you can make new friends too and make your own clan with them and ask your real life friends to join and build your own clan.

This is a strategy game. Attack enemy’s base with your troops and collect loot and when enemy is on your base you have to defend through your defences for saving your loot. Build a great base, upgrade your buildings , defences , unlock new troops and many more . Build clans with your friends and recruit more members by chatting in global and inviting them and have wars between clan and make strategies to attack your enemy clan , help your clanmates by donating troops to them and enjoy the game with your friends!
The latest update of this game will arrive on playstore this december (2016) may be on christmas . And its the first mega update for this game. As th11 will be introduced and a new hero and new troop and many more , So its the first mega Update. When the game was launched it was very hard than today, But they making it hard again in the new update.And this game is free!All you need is a internet connection , It is also available on iOS devices but not available for Windows Phones

I recommend you to play this game once you will not be able to leave this game! But don’t be addicted as if anything exceeds , the result is not good. So this is mind blowing game.

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