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Best HeadPhones to Buy in 2016


5 Best headphones to Buy in 2016: If you are a music lover and love to kill your free time by listing to music songs, then we must say you are on the right place. Here we have the list of top 5 best headphones of 2016, that you definitely need to try at once.

Top 5 Best headphones to Buy in 2016:

1. Sony h.ear on MDR-100ABN:

Sony h.ear on MDR-100ABN - best headphones

The MDR-100ABN is a worthy investment for someone who is looking forward to buying a high-quality noise canceling headphones at Rs 21,999. The MDR-100ABN is a versatile choice, when compared to the likes of Bose. More than the audio quality, the pair of headphones is perfect for the people who prioritize silence and we love to listen to music at the lower volume levels.

2. AudioTechnica ATH-WS550iS Solid Bass headphones:

AudioTechnica ATH-WS550iS Solid Bass headphones -best headphones

AudioTechnica have created a great pair of the headphones with the superb sound quality and these are for the perfect for the bass head who wants quality burst of the bass. However, these need a little of power to perform the well, so it is used with the MP3 player or the smartphone with an Amplifier and DAC like the Lenovo X3 Vibe or the Fiio Players. The headphones are available online for approximately Rs 5000.

3. Corsair Void headset:

Corsair Void headset - best headphones

These headset is a good buy for the lovers of the wireless gaming headsets and with the customizable-RGB lighting being an added bonus. With price tag of Rs 10,999 it is definitely going to give the tough competition like Roccat and HyperX.

4. Bose QC25 Limited Edition:

Bose QC25 Limited Edition - best headphones

Bose QC25 Limited Edition headphones had just the right mix to make them a great headset. The sound too is great and the active noise cancellation works well. The headphones sport a price tag of Rs 25,200.

5. Sony MDR XB650BT:

Sony MDR XB650BT - best headphones

Sony MDR XB650BT headphones are among one of the best over-the-ear headphones. They offer a pleasant sound experience. The no-cable design further enhances adds to the package. The headphones are priced at Rs. 7,990.


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