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Bitdefender Mobile Security Review – In Detail


Bitdefender Mobile Security Review: An Android smartphone is possibly the strongest weapon we have in our arsenal, and billions of people have access to a smartphone today. The industry is growing year after year, which is also inspiring many new brands to launch their version of the smartphone on the market.

Nothing is going to change the fact that the Internet has also opened up new opportunities, which are nothing but harming Android users any way possible so that hackers can benefit from it.

According to the CNBC, more than $400 Billion in damage has been caused by Internet privacy invaders. So what are you doing to protect your identity and data?

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

You can go online to check if your smartphone needs an antivirus & security app. But unfortunately, you will only get mixed opinions from various so-called experts in the industry. It is true that as long you download apps from the PlayStore, it will keep your device safe, but things are changing day-by-day.

Bitdefender mobile security review
Bitdefender mobile security review

Privacy invaders are finding new security gaps to infiltrate Google security. Instead of being dependent on Google alone, why not secure it using Bitdefender Mobile Security? Here are the protection features you get from the reputed company Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Review

#1 – Download & Sign-in

You do have to sign in, and you get two options,

Bitdefender Sign in

  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • You can use the Central account.

Step 1: I have selected my Google account because it’s easier this way.

Step 2: You have to grant access to your Google account (Do not panic, it will only fetch necessary information), then tap on “Allow.”

Step 3: You will be redirected to the “Dashboard.”

Step 4:Please run a scan,” since this is your first time, you should run a Quick Scan.

bitdefender mobile security

  • It scans media such as videos, pictures, sounds, etc.
  • The app also scans all downloaded apps.
  • It also scans downloaded files like third-party APK to check if they have been tampered with and are vulnerable.

This is the most interesting part – that the app sends the scan data to the Bitdefender server, which checks for any old to Latest threats.

Step 5: That’s it.

#2 – Malware Scanner

Malware is one of the biggest threats today’s smartphones are experiencing. The cause of malware opening a path into your smartphone’s data storage is non-market apps. When you run a scan for the first time, your smartphone will quickly search for malware.

Bitdefender malware scanner


Nowadays, there are too many apps in the PlayStore, and you cannot tell which one has malware in it. So be prepared with Bitdefender security.

#3 – Privacy Advisor

If you are wondering why there are so many apps listed in this section, then let me explain it simply. You must have downloaded several apps on your smartphone, and there are apps on your phone that have access to more of your sensitive data than any other app.

Privacy Advisor shows you a list of the apps to let you decide, which app has more access to more sensitive information than the others. A few unnecessary apps do more extracurricular activity than other apps. You can thus identify and remove them.

bitdefender privacy advisor

#4 – Web Security

We use browsers often on our smartphone, and the Web Security always keeps an eye out for us. It blocks all harmful content and attachments from the web. It alerts you when you are visiting a malicious site. This is a must-have feature.

Bitdefender web security

Note: Web Security supports all major browsers, and it detects them automatically.

#5 – App Lock & Reports

App Lock comes with several options, which you should check for yourself to understand their worth because there are various types of app lock apps available on the market to compare it with.

bitdefender reports

This Android app provides a report of everything the Bitdefender Mobile Security has done for you in a week or a day, which helps you understand the app.


You get 14-day trial version to test out every feature and you should be able to decide within 14 days whether you want to go for it or not. Having a paid protection service is preferable to a free one. Shoot your opinions and experience in the comments section below.


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