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Can BSNL beat Reliance Jio?


Can BSNL beat Reliance Jio? : Yes after reliance Jio , Its bsnl to give cheap plans . but still they aren’t in the list of competitors. We already told everything about reliance jio earlier. Do take a look at those articles

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Bsnl Vs Jio

Bsnl Vs Jio

After this every single company in telecom sector got in loss. Bsnl the govt. company started there own plan in which you get 300 gb of data at Just Rs.249 . Yes , Its truth. 1Gb of dat in less than even rs.1. But still can it beat Reliance Jio? The answer is No! for sure. As the Quality matters the most , means Good speed is the first thing needed & it is dafuq in speed.

Yes , Its providing the data at low cost but what about speed , can it compete the speed of Jio? Till now it can’t. Reliance Jio offers a speed of 30mbps but bsnl gives max 5mbps means in Small cities of India Jio gives 2-4mbps speed whereas bsnl failed to provide even in mbps. There speed just just 100kbps. Even I was the user of it’s broadband service because Reliance Jio wasn’t introduced & none other option was there for unlimited internet. So the speed of it was just 60kbps , Yes its true , that can’t be even imagined.

Before Reliance Jio , Airtel was the best network ever in India that provides a speed of 20mbps+ in 3g even. But it charges were high still it was the best even most of the people prefer airtel. But now jio gives the same speed at a low price. First of all Quality is checked after that it comes to money and In bsnl they provide the internet at low cost but what about speed. So the final answer is  BSNL is no-where in the competition.Yes ,if it was Airtel that gives the data at low price then it can compete Jio easily. Day by day Every Company is decreasing their charges because of jio. But Quality matters the most!


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