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Freedom 251 Looks Like a Scam – Be aware


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Don’t Buy Freedom 251 looks Like a Scam – Be Aware According to the telecom ministry BJP MP Kirit Somaiya Freedom 251 is a scam and for now you probably don’t want to buy if. If you have already booked your freedom 251 mobile or you are planning to book it then we highly recommend you to keep reading this article.
In our Earlier post we told that the company is trusted sorry for that thing it may be scam ! Sorry for that again.

Reasons :-

1. Freedom 251 company namely Ringing Bells has a small office with only several employees and no one want to face the media.
2. Freedom 251 mobile is accentually the Adcom Ikon 4. Ringing Bells present the phone by hiding Adcom Ikon name with the nail paint.
3. Official website of Freedom 251 is created on 10-feb-2016 as shown in the image below.

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4. Company has no BSI certification and not verified in the India country (No government involment).
5. Company has no reason, why there are providing the freedom 251 mobile in only Rs. 251.
6. Company is only 6 months old and they start their business with only 50 lack rupees.
7. Actual mobile cost is Rs. 4,081 on Flipkart. So just think twice how can they provide the same mobile with the price tag of Rs. 251.
8. After The reopening of the website they said only 1 per user means 1 per 1 email id but I booked 3 phones with same id and they will give the pavement link in 48 hrs but i am not going to pay them. #Scam
9. One of our Friends also contacted their officials. (The Chat Conversation will be uploaded in some time. Stay Tuned )
Note: Official website not taking booking, after government involve in investigation.
Friends don’t buy this smartphone until unless government not rectify this company. Hope you all find all the above information very useful, if you have any query regarding the Freedom 251 mobile then do let us know in comments below.
Source – GoAndroidApps

Don’t Buy Freedom 251 looks Like a Scam


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