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Clash of Clan VS Clash Royalle |Coc Rocks


Clash Of Clans Vs Clash Royalle – Clash Of Clans well known game among ios/android users. The best game running till now from 2012. None of the game has been able to beat coc. Supercell the developer of clash of clans is the most popular just because of clash of clans. Last month supercell launched Clash Royalle after a long time. They taught that their game coc is getting much success  and Clash Royalle will also get! But the thing never go that way we want. So lets see which game is best among them!

Clash OF Clans Vs Clash Royalle - coc
Clash OF Clans Vs Clash Royalle

When Clash Royalle was launched by Supercell , It was a big success as supercell was well known company and they gave ad of clash royalle in coc news section. Millions of coc lovers started playing clash royalle but they didn’t left coc. Clash royalle got great success in one month but after that the player got decreasing and started playing Clash of clans again.

In Clash Of Clans you need the full strategy and you should know how to attack , defend and upgrade your base but in Clash their is no meaning just keep on attack and then wait for some hours. Clash Of Clans is the most played game ever.

But both the games are loved by the players. Everyone has his own thinking , Majority of the players like Clash of Clans More than Clash Royalle. As Clash of clan is well running game with millions followers and It can’t be beaten by any of the rest games. Clash Royalle is a good game but it can’t Beat Clash of Clans!!!!!

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