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Ea Fifa 18 Under Development: Good News for Gamers!


Ea FIFA 18: Perhaps one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world.EA FIFA 18 is already one of the most talked about games today. And the games launch date of Q4 2017 is not even close yet. November 2016 saw Electronic Arts roll out the much awaited FIFA 17. Which was pegged to be a revolutionary change in the overall graphics performance of the game. With over eleven months left for Fifa 18 to even come close to releasing. FIFA fans have been quite enthusiastic in conjuring a wish list featuring what d’Or, from the future iteration of the game.

Ea Fifa 18 Under Development

is scheduled to continue featuring the Frostbite engine which accounted for the single graphics of FIFA 17. The latest game also packed in the best game modes with a new mode called ‘The Journey’ which allowed players to completely control the life-events of a player RPG style alongside FIFA matches. There is no doubt in the fact that FIFA 18 would sport much better ramp ups both in the modes as well as the in-game graphics setting a new benchmark for video gaming once again.
FIFA 18 wish lists have become increasingly extensive with time. As FIFA fans all over the world have chipped in with anything and everything they want in the upcoming game. Although a lot of them seem highly unlikely. There are some developments EA Sports can incorporate in their future iteration of the game.

Real Time Awards

Wouldn’t it be uber cool if the campaign modes in the FIFA games featured real time awards according to the actual chronological timeline in the real world? The Journey mode in FIFA 17 has certainly been a significant highlight of the game. And what would have complimented it more was the inclusion of awards like the Ballon d’Or, Golden Boot, and Pichichi. Not only would these have added an extra feeling of reality in the gameplay, but it also acts as extra motivation for the player just like in real life.
Stress on Woman’s football
FIFA 16 was the first game by EA Sports to feature women’s football, but after that, the next game did not see any further developments in that area. What would be an interesting move is if EA decides to increase the number of teams playable. As well as a specific Journey mode for women featuring a particular story line.

More Realistic Transfers

The retail portion of the FIFA manager mode has been significantly improved compared to earlier versions of the game. But FIFA 17 still showed some lack of reality when it came to club transfers. Also bringing in much more detail to the transfer market scenario in the game will make it more appealing for that section of FIFA gamers. What would be even better if there is a particular Manager Journey mode? Which will replicate the complete life of a football manager RPG Style?


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