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Top 5 Best Android Games (Second Week Of December 2015)


Best Android Games of the Week (2nd Week of December 2015): If you love to play new android games in your smartphone then we must say you are on the right place. We are back again with our new list of best android games of the 2nd week of December 2015. All the below android games were free, so feel free to try them all. Here are the best Android Games of the week (2nd Week of December 2015). Download them now, enjoy.

Top 5 Best Android Games (Second Week Of December 2015)

free games for android phoneDragon Blaze:Chapter 2

Its an awesome game.It was the return of Deathcrown, the unrivaled dragon king of the living and the dead. Since his return, the dragons and a vast number of human tribes have been at war with no end in sight.
As a descendant of the long-extinct Boden tribe, you must now use your power to journey through Dragon’s Landing, unveil the secrets behind the pandemonium, and bring the everlasting war to an end.
– A playable fable accompanied by strategic role playing elements and a unique art style
– Begin your journey by choosing a main character between a Knight, Archer, Priestess, Rogue, and Mage
– Collect hundreds of allies and playable characters that appear in the storyline
– Form a party of 5 and take your allies across your journey to aid you in defeating enemies
– Enhance your battle tactics and strategize unique party formations
– Raid bosses in real time with other players around the world for rare items
– Challenge other players in the Arena
– Battle against waves of enemies in the Labyrinth
free games for android phone

free games for android phoneThe Walking Dead No Man’s Land

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is a thrilling, action-packed RPG game where tactical choices make a difference between life and death. The one and only, Daryl Dixon, will teach you how to kill and survive – but remember, in the end you are on your own.

• FIGHT through hordes of walkers in tactical turn-based combat
• TRAIN your survivor group and upgrade their weapons
• CHOOSE who lives or dies and keep your people safe
• HUNT walkers in Terminus, Prison and other familiar locations from AMC’s The Walking Dead
• JOIN other players in deadly weekly challenges for exclusive rewards

free games for android phone


free games for android phoneZombie  Age 3

★★★★ The awesome Zombie Age series returns with a lot more of savage zombies, deadly weapons and unique heroes. Enjoy the zombie slaughter with your own style. And If you’re about to look for the best zombie shooting game, look no further! ★★★★

So you’re still alive… Congrats!… But for how long when they have you absolutely outnumbered? What are you prepared to do?… Keep playing as a lone hero killing every walking dead on the route? Trust me, you won’t last two days! It’s not about surviving in the zombie apocalypse any more, it’s about winning this war.

free games for android phone



free games for android phoneChhota Bheem Throne of Bali

Run through the exotic lands of Bali and avoid the evil monsters Layaks of the spirit Rangda to save the captured King and Queen of Bali.
Don’t miss the coins, Bheem needs them to restore his life.
Avoid the creatures and evil monsters by jumping over them.
Bheem is known for his timing and reflexes and now its your chance to become famous on the leaderboard.
Go and show the world that you are number 1 fan of Chhota Bheem.

free games for android phone


free games for android phoneMinions Paradise™

Join the Minions on the vacation of a lifetime! Watch as a lovable-yet-bumbling Minion named Phil accidentally sinks an entire cruise ship carrying his vacationing Minion buddies. To redeem himself, Phil must turn a deserted tropical island into the perfect vacation destination. Illumination Entertainment – the creators of the MINIONS movie – and EA invite you to help Phil build his ultimate Minions Paradise.





free games for android phone

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Thanks for visiting, finally we hope you all enjoyed all the above list of “Best Android Games of the Week (2nd Week of December 2015)“, for more android games update stay connected with us through social bookmark sites. Have a great day ahead and don’t forget to try all the above android games of the week.


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