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Google Fibre : Available Soon in India!


Google Fibre : Available Soon in India! : Google Fibre the High speed broadband server. That Gives upto 1-GBPS or 1000-mbps speed & is available in some countries , soon India will be one of the countries to have google fibre. First it didn’t got permission from govt. & It took about year but didn’t got the permission. But a week ago a good news was there that now it gotr the permission & will be soon available in India.
gOOGLE fIBRE sPEEDTESTIn the image , its the speed test from google fibre , Yeah it gives that much speed. But still it will only be in bigger cities , As Google Established Wi-fi over 23 Railway Station in India. Now it will take some time to establish Google fibre in India , Approx 1 to 2 years, Till that we have Reliance Jio Unlimited 4g with a good speed .

But Still no-one can defeat google fibre. But this news is not 100% sure but we can confirm it about 80%.As India is vast Country and It still developing & Its the Best Time for google fibre to come to India. As a Project is also going on by our Prime Minister “Shri Narender Modi ji” – DIGITAL INDIA. 

The Plans of google fibre are starting from $50 or INR 2500 per month with a 100 Mbps connection & the plans are much , The last plan is of 130$ per month with 1000 Mbps connection with free cable t.v. as listed on the official site.

Google Fibre Plans

Final words : This news may not be sure but it but it has some base. We don’t provide any fake hope to our visitors.Stay tuned to us for the latest news. don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. We will update you as the any further news came. Hope you all like the article ,  If you have any query then do let us know via comments below. Thanks For Visiting.


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