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HR technology for mobile applications: The usage of mobile application has increased a lot in the modern world depends on a mobile application and it has different features with it. For the implementation of these applications, we have to move towards the HR technology. Nowadays most of the human resources are trying to find the people through mobile applications. These kind of mobile applications are taking over the HR technology for the growth of new generation. Through the HR technology, most of the employees are getting used to it.

HR Technology


The Scope of this technology:

This HR technology system is best for the technology adoption of the large enterprise. We have all known that our world has so many industries with some specific requirement. For this expectation, this technology will help to the HR for finding the employee with the specified skills.

Utilization of this application is mainly used for recruiting the employees who are all having specified skills as per the industry requirement. This technology is adaptable with different users around the world. The HR team should know everything about this technology to use it.

On this HR technology, there is an acceptance of new application corresponding to the requirement of Human Resource. Initially, this has grown up with marketing field to select the employees.

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Reasons for this technology:

The people are accessing this application to different speeds and different requirements. It is mainly based on following kind of people.

  • Innovators:

The people who are all accepting this application at earlier are also the reason for this technology. They are motivating themselves to find new applications for this technology. It provides the complete knowledge about the particular technology.

  • Looking for value:

A Large group of people is confirming this application to satisfy the technological need. This HR technology is growing up well because of the business people.

  • The dawdlers:

Dawdlers are the users of this application who are all become late in the application. This kind of user can’t get the application until HR provides the information and link to them properly.

Processing steps:

This mobile application is directly downloaded from the internet and sent through the mail to the clients. By using this application, it will take some time to manage the technology for the users. This technology also contains the process of tracking the reference and proof of this application which are provided by the HR team.

Most of the stories which are communicated through this application, likely convince others to access this application. The stories are from emails, newsletters, meetings, etc. The HR mobile application will be treated very soon for the purpose of getting business deals through this technology.

What is mobile job search?:

Nowadays the candidate can attend the interview through the internet. In this scenario, there are some tools in the mobile for the job application process. The candidate can refer to the job opportunities by this technology around the world. In the mobile application, this technology is connecting the candidates with the HR team. Simply this process is like go-search process and user-friendly.

Recruitment through the application:

In the recruitment process, we should apply for the specified job through the internet, and also the HR will gather the information about the candidate. The HR will maintain the simple information about the candidate and conduct the interview process. This will take only 5 minutes for this application process which will provide the complete information about the candidate.

Technological design:

Nowadays HR software application is on the handheld device itself to recruit the people. This mobile application is available on the cloud platform where the updated applications are existing. Its specifications can beat over the innovative smartphone applications.

Its productivity tools are very special rather than a traditional HR. The company, which is accompanied by the core cloud HR system, can implement the tools of the mobile applications. Through this mobile application, we can get the traditional online tools for training.

Lifestyle with HR technology:

The lifestyle of this application maintains the HR recruitment properly through online.  The traditional business practice is available through this application. The mobile performance management system controls the activity of the application.

Because of this technology, lots of companies are getting the application of “Re-inventing performance management”. The companies are IBM and Deloitte, which is in the strategy of the multi-national company. The organization which has this application can survey their employee’s performance on the daily basis.


Usage of this technology provides mutual benefits to the application. The people, who are all utilizing this application, can have an online training to recruit the candidate for employment. The popularity of this application is becoming increasing, because of the “Gamification” feature.


Gamification is an application where the gaming elements are performing as a special feature. It contains the process of improving the user management, organizational productivity, and system management. This feature is very easy to use within the application.

Uber service:

Uber is an international taxi company which has occupied around 58 countries and 300 cities in a worldwide. The selection process of drivers in this service is achieved through online. The HR technology is increasing their work to train the people by the corresponding application.

Platform to use:

Industries are the main platform to use because they can have the option to recruit the employees. For example deloitte multi-national service company. In this company, they have recruited 2, 00,000 employees around 150 countries through the application which is from HR technology. The application of Deloitte is named as “Deloitte leadership academy application”.

Consumer survey:

In the recent survey, we are coming to know that 93% of smartphone users are accessing the applications in the HR technology. For the youngest candidates in the age of 18 to 24 who are seeking for the job is using this application as 97%.  The job seekers are always searching in online to get a job through the internet. These kinds of people can access this application with the HR team who is responsible for their job.

Job boards, through HR tech:

HR Technology has recently grown up internet technology for the purpose of finding and recruiting skilled people. Through this technology, there are so many possibilities to get the online job directly. In this sourcing platform, 60,000 candidates have trained over the mobile application. HR technology increases the role of mobile technology with different features.

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