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Instagram New Features Introduced in 2017 – Must Try!


Instagram New Features Introduced in 2017 – Must Try!: Instagram is one of the major social media mobile app with more than 600 million users. After bringing ‘Instagram Stories’ feature to rival Snapchat, it has been continuously getting better. The recent update brought some changes in the Instagram app and it would impact the interaction between the users.

instagram new features


We can say that Instagram seems to be going further after making certain changes lately. When ‘Instagram Stories’ was rolled out, not everyone was happy about it. People have concerned that Stories is something they have Snapchap for. But a lot of them liked it.

The year 2016 was called the year of live streaming from the social media perspective. The live stream services like Periscope, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live went toe to toe in order to grab the attention. However, the race isn’t ended yet. It will be continued in 2017. Instagram might be another live stream contender to all of these social media live streaming rivals.

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Instagram New Features

Let’s take a look at the recent updates made by Instagram:

1) – Save

If you’ve updated your Instagram lately, you might see a little bookmark button on the Insta feed. Plus, you’ll see an additional tab on your Profile screen to go to your saved content. Your saved pictures, however, are private and only you can access it. That’s a save feature. You can also save the pictures of people you’re following.

2) – Comment Like

One of the interesting features Instagram has added is the ‘Like’ feature. Before this, you could only like the pictures. Now, you can like the comments as well. You’ll see a tiny heart icon against every comment on the picture. Just tap onto it to like the comment. Not only this, but there is a like counter as well for each comment.

3) – Comment Reply

Another interesting feature is the ‘reply’. You can now reply to someone else’s comment just by clicking the tiny ‘reply’ text written underneath the comment.

4) – Live Video

Live video is one of the most anticipated and awaited features of Instagram. It isn’t available to everyone yet. It is probably rolled out to verified accounts or limited amount of users. Either way, it would ultimately be rolled out to everyone just like Facebook live. When it does, it’ll be a huge hit.

These were the few coolest features that Instagram has rolled out.

What’s your favorite among all of these new features of Instagram?

Let us know in the comments section.



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