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iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s


iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s – Everyone is talking about iPhone SE , So everyone is searching for a correct information. If you are also one of then we are glad that you found this article. If you are interested in iPhone SE then you will surely love this article. Keep Reading friends!

Initially Let we compare iPhone SE with iPhone 6s

 iPhone SEiPhone 6s
Networks4g , 3g , 2g4g , 3g , 2g
OSiOS 9.3iOS 9.3 (Upgradable to 9.3)
Rear Camera12megapixels12megapixels
Front Camera1.2megapixels5megapixels
Internal Memory16/64GB16/64/128GB
Battery 1642mAh1715mAh
ColorsSpace grey , Silver , Gold , Rose GoldSpace Grew , Silver , Gold , Rose Gold

So Let me give you a brief description of iPhone SE!

Its Size is just size and shape is just same as iPhone 5s. When we compare it with iPhone 6s only 3 major differences are there.First of Screen Size and second of Front Camera. iPhone SE have a 4.0-inch screen and iPhone 6s has much larger than it! (4.7-inch).And Se has a 1.2megapixels front camera and 6s has a 5 megapixels front camera. iPhone 6s supports 3d touch but this feature is not available in iPhone SE.

But I can tell you some benefits of smaller screen:-

  1. The Smaller Screen will be easier to hold in the hand
  2. Smaller screen means , both the CPU and GPU have very less pixels to drive. That means iPhone SE may perform better in terms of grafic.
  3. The smaller phone consumes comparatively less battery.

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iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s

Keep Reading Guys giving You more detail , so that you dint have to search for more detail—
Download speed of SE is better than 6s. According to a survey in USA most of the people prefer small screen phones.

But noone can beat apple quality so both the phones are awesome on their spots.

iPhone 6s Price vs iPhone SE Price

People who are saving lot of money to get the 6s , can get iPhone SE having the same performance and functionality just to forget the 3d Touch.
iPhone 6s Prices – INR 52499 in the Indian Market and $549 in US Market.
iPhone SE Price – INR 39000 in the Indian Market and $399 in the US Market.
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iPhone SE  vs iPhone 6s


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