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iPhones to be cheaper in India


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iPhones to be Cheaper in India – Apple Ceo Tim cook is on India Tour and he is meeting many iOS developers. and soon he is thinking to manufacture Iphones in India too and upgrade there buisness.

And if the iPhones will be made in India means no extra cost like importing cost or extra taxes etc. Main is the importing costs thats more than INR 10000 for Apple Phones. And that will be removed means its became cheaper than before but the same quality.

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All-iPhones - iPhones to be Cheaper in India
iPhones Released Till 2015

In the above pic all the iPhones launched are there except iPhone SE as that was launched in 2016. But now the manufacture of the iPhones under iPhone 5s , but if the manufactureing start the iPhone 5s may be back!
In USA – About USD 599 of 64GB iPhone 6s 
In India -About  INR 54,999 of 64GB iPhone 6s
And Actually USD 599= About INR 40000
iPhone is much cheaper in US as compared to India.

Tim Cook (Apple CEO) Said now the iPhones will be cheaper than before in India , It will be sold with the same rate as in US in some time.
So if you are planning to buy an iPhone , Wait for some time , Your Favorite iPhone is going get to a low rate.

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