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How to get back the Speed of Jio sim after Usage of 1GB || Jio Recharges


How to get back the Speed of Jio sim after Usage of 1GB: Is it possible to use more than 1 GB of data from Jio sim at the same speed? The answer is Yes. It’s not any trick or way. It’s by doing recharge officially.Jio recharges aren’t free. There are two Jio packs to recharge Rs.51 for 1GB LTE data for 1 Day & Second of Rs301 for 6GB LTE data for 28 Days. If you aren’t interested in reading watch the video Below else Continue reading! (Jio recharges only Recommended if the Speed is good at your area.)

Steps to Recharge are:

  1. Open My Jio app/Jio Money.
  2. Tap on Recharge/Pay bills (Shown in Image/Video)Jio Recharges
  3. Choose the Plan. There are Only 2 Plans available till now! (Shown in Image Above)
  4. Pay for the Plan via Jio Money or The Methods listed in the image & You are done. You will get an Activation Message (Shown In Image).

I have personally used this pack & It gives little higher speed than the free one. Most of the time Paid service is better than the Free one.So If your 1GB is over for the day and Want to use more data than you can recharge anytime. Jio recharges are available on My jio app & Jio money app. But it’s only recommended if the Jio speed is good at your area.

It’s a leak that Jio free data services may work until 30 June 2017, But it’s isn’t confirm yet. So the plans after the free services are Given over here: Jio plans after March.

Final words: Jio recharges are for a very less price or we can say as negligible as they are Giving 6Gb LTE data for only Rs.301.Hope this post helps you. If you have any query, drop it below in the comments section. Once watch the full video (in the starting of the article). Don’t forget to share it with your friend over social media as Sharing Is Caring. Enjoy the Jio recharges. Subscribe us for Daily Updates & Thanks For visiting, Have a Great Day Ahead.



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