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Kickass Torrents back again with new Name


Kickass Torrents back again with new Name : Kickass Torrents have been seized many times but they always come with new names , But this time all thinks that torrent era is over as the owner of Kickass Torrent was arrested in Poland 2 days ago. As every single bollywood , hollywood , Tollywood(South Indian films) were being leaked on Kickass Torrents , So this time US takes action against torrnts they arrested the owner of world’s largest Torrent site and seized  The website.

Kickass Torrents

But a long time ago there domain name www.kickasstorrents.com was seized by US Courts Orders. than they changed their name to Kat.cr and because of the leaks , much of the copyrights came after that Artem Vaulin, a 30-year-old man from Kharkiv, Ukraine, was arrested in Poland on behalf of the US, which has requested his extradition for crimes related to running the site. We all know that UDTA PUBJAB , GREAT GRAND MASTI & Kabali was leaked on kickass torrents.

As the Kabali was leaked in morning after 30 min. the owner of the website got arrested and website got down , Some of the people are saying this is the power of Rajnikant. But if this wasn’t happen then also Artem Vaulin has to be arrested as Apple claimed that they leaked there New OS with proof to the US court. This was a totally right decision as The Creators / developers does hard and this website leak/pirate there content and There hard work got wasted. But many of us here uses torrents actually we all of us , So all can’t buy everything that’s sold but we need some that we can’t buy. But if we have money than we must not use the torrents we should give priority to buy original items.

Mixing The leak of Kabali with The arrest of Owner of Kickass Torrents
Mixing The leak of Kabali with The arrest of Owner of Kickass Torrents

But Leaks are wrong , The Movies/Games / Software should be released on torrents after a month of release so that it doesn’t hurt the creators / developers . And After this arrest They may have understand this , As the Kat.cr got Down they started There New website The the Name dxtorrent.com at the exact time & this proves that Kickass torrents are the best around the World.No-one can take them down if even the owner is arrested , No-one can remove Torrents from the world this Kickass torrents are there even there one more domain was seized by us kickass.to & even many more domains!


After the arrest even the owner started one more website for Kickass torrents and That’s – kat.am  , There other all domains are seized & banned by the us but these Two new website they started just now and they aren’t banned in the any country yet and every content of Kickass torrents is available on these websites & These Two websites are :-

So you can Still pirate Items as Kickass is the boss of Torrents and It helps all of us. KICKASS TORRENTS WORLDS LARGEST PIRACY WEBSITE!!!


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