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Laptop vs PC For Gaming


Laptop vs PC For Gaming – We all play games on our laptop or pc , no matter what our age is. So which one is best for gaming PC or Laptop. If you are gamer and thinking of buying a PC or Laptop , then we highly recommend you to keep reading this post.

laptop vs desktop

If you are confused between a PC or a Laptop to buy then make sure that you read this article till end! And your confusion will be gone!

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  1. Initially We should Talk about speed , Means RAM. IF you are on a laptop there is good speed while gaming but a limited speed. When you are on a PC it gives an awesome speed while gaming.Ram - LAptop Vs PC
  2. After speed the topic comes to Graphics , In a laptop graphic card is installed when we buy it. Means no need to buy it . Its good but you cannot increase the graphics of a laptop. Whereas in PC you can increase graphic by getting a new graphic card , It will cost some money but it will give you an awesome graphic while playing games. Here to PC wins.MGSXGraphics - LAptop Vs PC
  3. Now the topic comes to FPS (Frame Per Second) , In a average laptop of about Rs.50000 or $700 gives maximum 30-35 FPS rate ,  Whereas PCs of this range gives 60 – 65 FPS rate. Again PC wins. (FPS – Frame rate, also known as frame frequency, is the frequency (rate) at which an imaging device displays consecutive images called frames. The term applies equally to film and video cameras, computer graphics, and motion capture systems. Frame rate is usually expressed in frames per second (FPS).)
    FPS - LAptop Vs PC
  4. Now let us talk about lagging/Hang Problem , It depends upon the specification of a PC or Laptop. But if the same configuration is there then always  PC wins.
  5. Last but not the least , Portability , Means You can while travelling if you have a laptop but not if you have a PC. This is the only thing where laptop wins from PC.laptop-outside - LAptop Vs PC


Overall For Gaming PC is THE BEST for gaming . PC can beat any console too like PS4 , PS4 , Xbox etc. I play GTA 5 on my laptop it gives 30 FPS and my friends plays it on PC he gets 60 FPS.

So you you are a 24/7 or Hardcore gamer than a laptop is a waste for you , I recommend you to buy a PC instead of laptop , But If you are a gamer like me which play games but not much and like to play games while travelling and doesn’t give the first importance to games than can go for laptop , but go for a high specification laptop if you want to play games on it!

Final Words – Hope you all like this article , And if you think your confusion is gone for PC and Laptop then do share this articles with Others. It will help us to grow and Help others to solve their confusion. Soon we will bring new article on PC vs Consoles for gaming and many more. Keep Visiting. Have a Great Day!

 LAptop Vs PC

Laptop vs PC For Gaming


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