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LG V30 Leaks: Will LG V30 Come with Iris Scanner?


LG V30 Leaks: Will LG V30 Come with Iris Scanner?: Over the last few years, we have experienced some changes coming in the world of smartphones. Some features have been incorporated in the high-end smartphones. But what has attracted the experts the most is the development that has taken place when it comes to security in the smartphones. Most of the smartphone developers these days try to focus on providing its consumers with the best possible security measures in the smartphones.

LG V30 Leaks

LG being one of the more popular smartphone developers in the world of technology. It has always taken some giant leaps recently and have managed to grab the attention of the tech enthusiasts. With its some incredible features on their smartphones. However, there hasn’t been too much hype regarding the smartphones from LG. Because there are a lot of things that the fans expected to come did not turn out to be true.
But things are going to change as we wait for the release of a couple of smartphones from smartphone manufacturer. Who have their headquarters at Seoul in the South Korea. One of those two smartphones is going to be LG V30. Which has recently managed to hit the headlines of the news and updates those have come up recently. Fans are expecting that LG will crank up the features of the smartphone when it comes to the security of the device.

The fingerprint scanner will surely be one of the features. Whether it will be stationed at the front of the device or the back is yet to be revealed, and nothing has been even speculated regarding that. But what the fans would love to see coming in LG V30 is the Iris scanner. The Iris scanner is something that has managed to grab the attention of the tech enthusiasts across the world of late. And this is something LG will certainly look forward to bringing in as far. As the security issues of the LG V30 are concerned.

LG V30 Leaks: Specifications

Other than that, there are some rumors making rounds regarding the expected features of the LG V30. Which is also reportedly suggested to be the flagship of the developers in the V series smartphone? LG V20 did not turn out to be one of the successful campaigns. That it why LG is leaving no stone unturned while developing the LG V30. We are informed that LG V30 is going to sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor under the hood which is the latest chipset that has been rolled out in the market by Qualcomm. Also, the SD 835 chipset is believed to be associated with 6 GB RAM. Which is something encouraging for all those who are planning to get hold of the LG V30? When it will hit the market later on this year.
However, it has not been stated accurately when the South Korea-based smartphone developer will release the latest upcoming smartphone in the market. We are expecting that some announcement regarding the launch of LG V30 is coming our way very soon.


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