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Reasons to love Windows 10


Windows 10 Love Windows 10

Reasons to love Windows 10 :- Windows 10 is most loved windows we all know. But why its most loved we may know or may not know. So today will tell you why its most loved windows.It’s been a year since the launch of the Windows 10 and recently the company announced Free Anniversary Update for its users. The way Windows 7 is still ruling the hearts of many people, Windows 10 is becoming very popular now. The reason behind is its has very smooth interface as compared to other windows.

  1. Return of Start Menu / Everything At one Place

    Return of the start menu Love Windows 10Return of the start menuMany of us miss the start menu in the Windows 8/8.1 and thinks of shifting back to windows 7 but the return of start menu with nice looks has returned in Windows 10 and its loved by all the people using it. In windows 8 you need a new slide for every work but in windows 10 your can do every thing at one place.

  2. Ability to Run Mobile Apps

    Windows 10 Store Love Windows 10You will find many Smartphone apps in the windows 10 store and that you can run PC. You don’t need any seperate emulator to run these apps. You can get these apps from Start menu>Store then search the app.

  3. Cortana now available in Windows 10

    Cortana Love Windows 10Just as smartphone its the personal assistant in windows. If you have internet connection Just Say “Hi , Cortana” Then you can ask any questions you want to ask it will search the answer from bing and give you the answer.

  4. High-Level Serurity

    Windows 10 is Secured -Love Windows 10Whenever there is a need of protecting the PC, it is the best, no doubt! In windows 10 the user can even set his face as password along with fingerprint and PIN. The user can set a visual password by using his favorite photo as a password or can use 3-motion gesture as a password! Undoubtedly, security is best in the Windows 10 as compared to other Windows!

  5. Everything is Microsoft

    Love Windows 10This is one of the best features of Windows 10 that it is purely Microsoft! Also, if you don’t want to use the Face Detection Password, you can even use the Microsoft account information as the password!

There are many more reasons to love Windows 10. It also has the new microsoft browser “Microsoft Edge” and Removal of the old internet explorer. and also you get the second screen option in the windows 10.
Watch some new Looks of Windows 10.
Windows 10 is ruling the pc world and now it is also starting to rule the windows phone arena.Now windows 10 is also launched for smartphone. Read “How to install windows 10 on Windows Phone & Windows 10 Mobile Review“.

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Reasons to love Windows 10


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