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LYF Smartphones are set to break All Records


LYF Smartphones are set to break All Records : Reliance LYF Smartphones are giving great competition to all other smartphones in market. As all their sets have LTE (4g) Networks with cool specifications. The High Speed internet always attracts us and Reliance is Giving 3 months High speed 4g unlimited internet with 4500n miniutes calling for free with LYF Smartphones with great offers.

lyf flame models - LYF Smartphones

According to the reports on Friday, Reliance began the sale of Lyf Smartphones with 4G smartphones which has access to 4G LTE across cities in India, it also accounts as the first time a regular consumer is getting access to their network without being their employee or the invitation. The report also states that the Jio SIM cards support the service of unlimited 4g data of 3 months and voice calls with 4,500 minutes free.

LYF Smartphones entered the Indian Market with Blast , The Series of phone are affordable by everyone as it Starting Price is Just INR 3000 & You get the 4500 minute calling & unlimited 4g Data free for 3 months with the smartphone. LTE (4g) network is trending from some months and Reliance Lyf Smartphones take a market share of 13% in LTE Smartphones. Which is great. Because of their schemes they are trending and earning huge. None of The person will leave unlimited 4g network for 3 month free with a smartphone at just Rs3000.

List of Reliance LYF Smartphones

Flame models 3, 4, 5, and 6: These models are affordable at a price of Rs. 2999 and are the cheapest smartphones, they support Jio 4G Voice over LTE or VoLTE smartphones and you can buy them right away. They support dual sim cards and has quad core processor of 1.5 GHz. They endorse 10 different languages of India. The difference between them is minor and is battery power in most cases.
Flame 1 and 2: They are priced at Rs. 4,999 and 3,599. They have a better hardware comparatively. Flame 2 has more storage capacity (8 GB) and more RAM capacity(1GB) compared to the other Flame models, the screen size is same i.e, 4 inches for all except Flame 1, it has a big screen display of 4.5 inches and a Qualcomm processor 210 compared to the other cheaper models of Flame.
Wind 1, 4, 5, and 6: They are priced at 6,899 Rs – 5,999 Rs and they all have a display of 5-inch. It has a better hardware and a high resolution along with HD screen. The processor is Snapdragon Qualcomm 410 and the internal storage is 16 GB is available only in Wind 1.
Water 1, Water 2, Water five and Water 7: Priced at Rs fourteen,699, Rs 9,699, Rs 7,599 and Rs twelve,999 severally, the Water phones have higher screens and also the additional powerful hardware. In fact, the Water one, that is that themost costly model, uses Qualcomm flower 615. These phones even have higher styles.


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