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LYF Smartphones Details & Review


LYF Smartphones Details & Review : LYF smartphones is set to break all records , If you are a regular reader of MAxAndroidApps then you now much about LYF Smartphones.The Speed of Jionet Is Great. Do Take a look at This article  : Lyf Smartphones are set to Break all Records .

Jionet Smartphone

Now lets move on to the details :-

Initially, we all know that Reliance Give a Sim of Jionet 4g free with the smartphone and The Sim has Unlimited 4g Network for 3 months with free calling. All Valid till 3 months , And At just Rs.3000/- Starting and doesn’t go higher than Rs.20000/- . Every Phone has his own uniqueness but in this case nothing is unique except Jionet 4g Sim. The Plan is same for all the devices. Just the Screen size and some features increase with price.

There is a news from reliance and the plan is still going on that You need to pay Rs.499/- to Renew your plan for 1-month after your free 3 months. Means Unlimited 4g with free calling Only at Rs.499/- per months. Damm Awesome Offers. After All LYF Smartphones are Paisa Vasool Smartphones means No Money wasted. The Smartphones specifications are not well but giving unlimited 4g at cheap price so who will not grab this offer , You can even take higher specification phone just by paying little more.

Now a days if you recharge 10 gb 3g (for a month) then it Costs more than Rs.1500/- but Jionet is giving unlimited 4g for 3 months at just Rs.3000/- & You have the option to choose the better phone by paying higher but not higher than Rs.20000/- . I bought one LYF Flame 4 for Rs.3000/- and its 4g Speed is Superb. Now tomorrow going to buy LYF Water 5 for Rs.7500/- only (Review Coming Soon). Proof of the Jionet Speed is in the image below. Mind Blowing Speed. You can get away from all the wifi in your home/office as Jio is coming with blast at unbelievable prices.Jionet Speed

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