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How To Make Money From Whatsapp Full Detail


Hello guys, Hows you I am Tushar Chauhan, Owner of www.gyaninhindi.com you know, you can make money from WhatsApp, yes! Few ways to make money from whatsapp, I will tell that how can you make money from whatsapp.

So let’s start …… ..!

Freinds i will tell you 4 ways to make money from whatsapp in below. So lets start…

make money from whatsapp

How To Make Money From Whatsapp Full Guide

1. Use Link Shortening Services

Link shortening tools you can make money easily. There are so many link shortening services, such as shorte.st etc. These services to users from different web properties that allow you to attach to any link. Any user can click on these links, you will get money. After register Search for good content, of which authentic, viral and those stuff who peoples like most. Once you can find content use shorte.st to create link, and then share on whatsapp groups and facebook pages.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing online is a great way to earn money, especially earn by WhatsApp. First know what is Affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing means marketing of products to the specific brands and companies. When you sell the product of company then give some commission for you. Affiliate marketing is considered the best way to make money online.

Affiliate marketing for the Amazon, is considered the best because it gives too much commissions, and the variety of products available. It is simple to log in on Amazon. According to me it is a great way to make money from WhastApp.

Once you sign up on amazon affiliate after that products of unique links to share on your WhatsApp contacts and Groups. This way you can make money easily from WhatsApp.

3. Using PPD Networks

PPD means Pay per download. PPD networks give you money if you have to upload any files that download. PPD websites so many, but I think you should make use of OpenLoad.co.

OpenLoad called the world’s best PPD network, since you get very high payments, and it is also quite easy to sign up. In it you will have to earn money, file upload, such as movie, images, songs, etc., Openload site PE, and then share the link must pay WhastApp groups and contacts. Whenever a link that will download your file, you will get his money.

4. Referring Recharge Apps

Recharge Apps wise to refer is also a great way to make money. It will not receive the money directly, but recharges, PayTm cash and meet. There are a lot of apps, such taskBucks, Mobile Money, Laddo etc. which allow the free recharge.

Share the invite link of this apps and whenever somebody install these app by your link you will get money.

These were some of the ways to make money from whatsapp with. If you face any problem regarding make money from whatsapp then you are most welcome to ask me in comments below.



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