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Mobile apps to augment the productivity of entrepreneurs


Mobile apps to augment the productivity of entrepreneurs: The most featured revolution regarding technology was the launch of Mobile apps for smartphones. Mobile apps have altered the way how entrepreneurs are performing any undertaking and are being embraced by a majority of the people. Enterprise owners manipulate different types of apps to augment their business.

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Some of the apps which enhance efficiency and productivity among entrepreneurs are mentioned below


Businesspeople must be wary regarding the most recent trends in order to survive in the tough & competitive market. Featured is Pocket, which is one of the recommended apps for entrepreneurs to generate a fascinating proposal based on any article or web page.

Pocket enables its users to store various kinds of data. It provides offline functionality as well on all the gadgets, where everything is saved in the Pocket List of the user. It is also used to access and save data from the web and other apps like Twitter, Flipboard etc. 


Businesspeople must save and secure their important documents in a secure place. Dropbox is the preferred choice of many businesses. It rigorously secures the data and the data can be retrieved from any place and any time instantly by the user.

Dropbox is featured as 2 versions namely basic and pro, where the former provides 2 GB of storage space and the latter includes 1 TB of free space.


This iOS-only app plays a vital role in shaping up a successful entrepreneur. It assigns 6 tasks of which 3 must be finished within the day and the remaining 3 are set for the forthcoming day. It is dedicated with respect to the user accomplishing the target and generates steps to do this. Further, it automatically notifies the users with respect to the tasks assigned.


TripIt finds its benefits with respect to tackling the various issues encountered by entrepreneurs who travel a lot related to their office work.The hindrances are eliminated by structuring the various details related to traveling in a ordered format which assists the entrepreneur in their ventures. To initiate this, the users have to send their booking confirmations to the TripIt email id to carry out the further processes.


At present, businesspeople hardly have the opportunity to carry out aspects related to signing and scanning and doing other such activities with relation to a document.SignEasy app permits the businesspeople to produce digital copies of their signatures with the help of their mobile devices. All the user has to do is access the document via their smartphone and click the “sign” button to digitally sign the documents in the mobile device with their finger. It  propagates the enterprises to order the signed files properly and send them appropriately. It finds its use among people burdened with signing a lot of paperwork.


Venmo from PayPal is at present a less-used money transfer app which provides simple ways to the entrepreneurs to transfer money to their family, colleagues, partners and other such people. The recipients are easily found by syncing the app with the contacts of the user and Facebook. The app is free without any transaction fee and the registration process is limited.


Evernote is an app which is used for creating virtual notebooks in order to carry out the various undertakings of the enterprise related to structuring and saving. Entrepreneurs can take photo shots of needed documents like passport, license etc for future use with regards to simplicity. Notes can be created in any set up like audio, image, jotted notes etc. It is at present available in  free and paid versions.


This app uses and further enhances the functioning of a virtual keyboard by incorporating an auto-correction feature. The users can type without seeing the smartphone. It incorporates gesture control along with keyboard shortcuts to achieve this trait.


Time management is one of the primary aspects regarding a prosperous enterprise where the workflow must be organized effectively to manipulate the time available in a productive way. It also circumvents unnecessary tasks. The app allows users to create buttons for specific activities, which with a single click can accomplish them.

  Google Drive

It is the top ranked app related to document sharing.It results in the creation of files in the cloud platform, which can be edited and shared with others. Any type of files like drawings, spreadsheets, documents etc is stored in the cloud. The files are easily obtained and accessed by using every electronic gadget.


Such apps aid the businesspeople in performing various tasks like time management, reminders, payments and lots more. The user must select the apt app to enhance productivity and the one which uses less time to finish a task. These apps are well suited for small-scale enterprises. These apps number in the many and their potential benefits must be comprehended to implement them in the enterprise.

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