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Nexus Isn’t Dead , Pixel Is Just New One!


Nexus Isn’t Dead , Pixel Is Just New One! – Google new Phone’s Pixel & Pixel Xl launched yesterday & everyone’s thinking that Nexus is dead , But its not that true, Nexus is the top phones out in the market , even Google’s favorite. “Nexus is Dead” , its not announced by Google. Yeah , Pixel is a phone made by Google , but that does’t mean that Nexus is dead.

Nexus Isn't Dead

Google is gonna give more attention Pixel series as it is of Google Officially , Nexus phone’s are only sponsored by Google but they are manufactured by different companies. But still Google is giving Nexus contracts to companies. A 9 to 5 employee of Google , tweeted “Nexus isn’t dead”.

Even Huawei is planning to make Nexus 7P and they are thing to make it a tablet instead of smartphone , Google still gonna sponsor it ad always , May be HTC will go with Nexus 7 this time.This may be a rumor or may not be , Anything can’t be said still. Anything can happen in the Gadgets World. It not sure that new Nexus is coming soon but we still can’t say that it’s Dead!

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Google launched Pixel & Pixel Xl as an competitor of iPhones of Apple. Nexus has better features but still it wasn’t able to compete with Apple , So that Google decided to take the challenge and It came out with it’s own SmartPhone Pixel. It came with even more price than of iPhones. Google Vs Apple is going to take place as soon as both the smartphone is out in the market.


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