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Android Powered Nokia P1 Images Leaked Online are Fake


Android Powered Nokia P1 Images Leaked Online are Fake :  Nokia is coming back with a blast in the Indian Market with their new Smartphone, This time not a Windows Mobile but With Android OS. Their First smartphone may be Nokia P1 and Its Images were leaked online in past some days but the images that were leaked are fake.

Nokia P1 Images are fake

nokia p1
This image was leaked.

The image leaked is actually of Sharp Aquos P1. You can check the image below. With that being said, we do expect that Nokia might launch a smartphone in near future. Nokia had launched a tablet earlier called the N1, that is powered by Android operating system. Stay tuned for more details on the new smartphone from Nokia, as we will update when it is launched. Note that, not all the renders that are leaked by random different sources are real and should not be taken seriously until it is officially launched by the company.


EarlierNokia was one of the world’s leading mobile manufacturer which offered a range of devices running on various platforms. The company also pushed it’s once-market-leading smartphone mobile operating system, Symbian OS. However, the Symbian OS started showing it’s age when Android Smartphones entered the market. But the company refused to adopt Google’s Android platform and instead went with the Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

But this was a big mistake of Nokia as windows is best for PC/Laptop but its worst for Phones (Except Windows 10) , Because of this nokia went in a big loss and Left , Given the Power to handle their phone to Microsoft which owns windows , after it windows 10 launched the windows phone also started getting some customers and Microsoft is handling it very well. And Now Nokia is also Coming back and improving their mistake of choosing windows , Now They are Choosing Android. 




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