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Note 7 Degrades the Brand Value of Samsung


Note 7 Degrades the Brand Value of Samsung : Here we know about the incidents with Note 7. It blasts because of a problem in its Battery. Samsung has recalled all the units but still there are many cases day by day , Some of the user’s aren’t got the message still , But Samsung’s now sending new batteries to everyone for the cure else they are thinking to stop all the Note 7 with there system. Read more about Note 7 incidents .


Samsung got a loss a 14 billion us dollar in few hours due to Note 7 Issue

Electronics giant Samsung lost over $14 billion in market value in a few hours on Monday morning , after the company asked its customers to switch off and return Note 7 smartphones due to fire prone batteries. Earlier , about three dozen Note 7 smartphones were found to have batteries that caught fire or exploded.

It already has been 35 cases in which Note 7 has been exploded or caught fire , It also a news that in one of the care it was in the jeep and the jeep got exploded as the Note 7 was exploded , This incident happened in USA.


iPhone 7 takes benefit of it

iPhone 7 the new Apple Smartphone Launched on 7 September , Apple once mentions in pictures of iPhone 7 that “It does’t Explode” . But for sure once the problem is solved Samsung’s Note 7 gonna give a tough competition to iPhone 7. As Android is far better than iOS but this time iPhone 7 has superb features. Check out here – iPhone 7 Features


There are many Jokes too on Social ,media about the explode of Note 7 , One of then We have shared below from RVCJ facebook Page :-

Apple – Once iPhone 7 is Launched it will make a Blast in the Market.

Samsung – But it cannot make the explodes that Note 7 is making in the markets.

Many more are on the Social Media. Note 7 is is the most trending smartphone even after the launch of iPhone 7 , But it’s explodes are destroying Samsung , But soon they are going to solve the problems and come back to with Blast (Not Explodes :P) .


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