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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Images Leaked


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Images Leaked : Earlier in a tweet of Evan Blass Confirmed That Note 6 Will be Called Note 7 for sure.Note 7 Specification are already known now. Now Some of the images of Note 7 are leaked online!

Note 7 Images

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the upcoming smartphone from samsung has been a victim of the many leaks and this flow of rumors never to abate. Now the latest photos reveal some interesting details about the cameras on the Note 7. The images also provide the Idea Of its Body Design , Quality of S-Pen & many more things.

Note 7 Images
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Images Leaked

The photos  shows the back and bottom of the Note 7. The back of the smartphone reveals a awesome camera quality, the images reveal that the smartphone has superb looks and is gonna make a glow in the market when it is launched, It will give a great fight to iPhone 7.

Note 7 Images
Note 7 Leaked Image

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There are much Rumors about the device , This images may be fake so Only The official Launch can tell the truth but we can have some idea of Samsung Galaxy Note Via these images and leaks!

Note 7 Images
Leaked Image of Samsung Galaxy Note 6/7

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Well in any case we recommend you to take all the rumors with a pinch of salt, till the official announcement expected in September/August.


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