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Note 7 Vs iPhone 7 Comparison & Review


Note 7 VS iPhone 7 (Comparison) : When Samsung and Apple are launching Smartphones in the same months , Both the phones give tough competition to each other and Both The Top Companies are Launching Note 7 & iPhone 7 in the Same Month(September or October)! Means a big collision between them. But for the technology lovers Its great!Now let us Compare Note 7 & iPhone 7.

Note 7 & iPhone 7

Note 7 & iPhone 7 Specification Comparison :

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Let’s Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 7 & Apple iPhone 7


Apple improved the camera tech on iPhone 6S, jumping from 8MP to 12MP for the rear camera, with the front camera getting a boost to 5MP. Apple has a tendency of sticking to the same components of camera for a long time so given that they made the changes very recently, we would not to see any further changes on this. Performance tweaks however, are a possibility with some additional features such as improved image stabilization.

Note 7 & iPhone 7

Reports have it that the note 7 will have an amazing 15MP rear camera with the selfie camera having 8MP. The quality of the photos is going to be better with improvements in other factors such aperture size and amount of light. The image processor will also have some tweaks with additional options for capturing unique images.

Note 7 & iPhone 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Camera


A performance boost for the iPhone 7 is almost assured with whispers saying that it will have a hexa-core A10 chip, an adjustment from the dual-core iPhone 6S processor. The RAM is also going to be boosted to 4GB to match the powerful processor and give you amazing processing speeds and multitasking capabilities.

With Samsung, it is now a trend that with every new generation, we get the Exynos version or the snapdragon version. The trend will not be changing any time soon, and will be seen on the note 7 as well. We are likely to witness the first 16-core processor in a Samsung device with a whopping 6 GB of RAM.


Battery performance is of late one of the main concerns of smartphone users. Due to the high power demands, an equally great performing battery is required for the devices. Both the iPhone 7 and Samsung note 6 will feature powerful batteries that have fast charge capabilities, both wireless and cable charging. Less heating and long lasting despite the number of operational apps is what all consumers are hoping for, and probably what they will get from both devices.

Price of iPhone 6s and Note6

The whispers of the iPhone 7 cost are a bit distant at the moment, but expectations are that they will sell at approximately the same or slightly higher prices as the current iPhone 6S prices. After all, affordability is still a consideration that they have to factor in.

If you desire to own the Galaxy note 7, you better be ready to chuck up to $1100. This high end device will see an increase in its pricing, perhaps due to the generous additions in terms of features and design.

Release date of Note 7 and iPhone 7

The release of the galaxy note 7 and the iPhone 7 are rumored to be around the same time, which is in September or early October. The timing really matters because majority of consumers cannot afford both devices and would find it hard to purchase whichever is released last, if the time difference is huge. Releasing at almost the same time allows the customers to decide which is more suitable for them and access it on time.

Conclusion – Which is best Galaxy Note 7 or iPhone 7?

The Samsung galaxy note 7 and the iPhone 7 will offer by far the greatest battle for the best that we have ever witnessed, and it is definitely going to be a tight one to call. But judging from the richness in terms of features, Samsung offers a lot more, giving more value for money. It is more likely going to emerge the winner. But Everyone has his own taste , some likes android and some likes iOS , So It depends upon us whom we choose.

Both The smartphones are superb and give the worth of our money. Both will give great fight to each other , Note 6 will be the first expensive smartphone to get Android N(Nougat) and iPhone 7 will be the first to get iOS 10. Stay in touch with us for more updates.



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