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Pokemon Go – All You Need to Know


Pokemon Go – All You Need to Know : Pokemon Go the most viral game on the internet right now , It has only been launched in New-Zealand , US , UK . But Craze of this game is all over the world. Android and iOS users got the game by another ways in the country. Because there is no such news about the official launch beyond these countries.There is no problem in iOS because that like official , But for Android users your APK may contain virus , malware so stay alert or wait for the official lunch.

Pokemon GO

The Official Statement

“The team is currently heads down working on the game. We do not have any announced plans for countries beyond New Zealand, Australia, US and Germany at the moment.”

Chris Kramer, Vice President

Functionality of the game

Since it is still in beta phase, it’s buggy AF. but, because of it’s unique concept, and a brand value of Pokemon added to it, it’s popularity just shoots right off the roof.Even though it’s buggy, people cope up with it, since they are new to this concept and curious about how to progresses ahead.

When you begin, You get a choice between 3 pokemons no matter where you are. Charmander/ Bulbasor/ Squirtle.
once you catch one of these, the great game starts.The game is laid over google maps in such a way that wherever you move, your character moves.You gotta catch pokemons, not by fighting them, but by flinging poke-balls towards them.You will find many pokemons if you move, different kinds pokemons are available at different kinds of Geo locations, water type pokemons are found near water bodies, rock type pokemons are found near mountains and hills etc. After Lvl 5 You need to choose your team , You have 3 option Team Valor , Team Mystic , Team Instinct.

So by examining the places where more crowd is expected, those places are established as poke gyms.A gym is like your territory, you acquire it as you defeat the previous gym leader (the current gym owner=gym leader).Initially, all gyms are unassigned, anyone can go and acquire that gym by placing their pokemon there, without having to defeat anyone at all.Once a gym-leader is set, the successive people who want to acquire that gym have to defeat the current gym-owner. (Starts After Lvl 5)

Currently You Can just Catch the pokemons by throwing the poke-balls but further you may get to fight with pokemons and then catch them , Eggs Are found at poke-stops and are hatched after travelling some kms and the gym concept already told you in the above paragraph , So Gotta Catch ‘Em All , Travel various places to catch different pokemons. You can transfer Pokemon to professor and get candies to evolve your pokemon and you can even sell your pokemons and soon we may be able to exchange our pokemons with friends. In this game pokemon are in the surrounding , You will get to know when you play.(Screenshots Below)

Explanation Credits – Raj Moona

When the game will be released in other countries , Its craze will increase a lot.The Game earned 6arab in just 2 weeks , the gonna blast other records of android gaming. After Clash of Clans is this the only game that is crazy. This game is competing quite well against Clash of Clans , What do you think , tell us in the comments below. There are Much trolls on the Game Pokemon Go , some Going to share below.

Moms in 1996: “Stop Watching Pokémon and go out!”
Moms in 2016: “Stop playing Pokémon and come in!”

The has Came to that 12 years old are watching Porn and Adults are Playing Pokemon GO

Yes ,Pokemon Go has been More popular Than Porn movies even!

Pokemon Go Trolls

Pokemon Go tip Pokemon Go ss

Now some Screenshots and Tips of Pokemon Go:

Some time servers are Down - Pokemon Go
The Thing That Every one hate
Pokemon Go Screen Shot
Your Pokemons
Pokemon Go Screen Shot
Your Player info
Pokemmon Go SS



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