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Pokemon Go Officially Launched in India – Partnership With Reliance JIO


Pokemon Go Officially Launched in India – Partnership With Reliance JIO: Just Some time ago Pokemon go was Officially launched in India. As we all know all were hyped for this game, When It was launched in other countries. There were a lot of hype in social media. But As the game didn’t launch in the remaining countries, It lost its users. But Can This game Bring that hype again? As almost in every country, it has been initiated now. Let us know further in this article! POKEMON GO INDIA !!!

You can Download Pokemon Go from Play store now. As it’s launched for Android in India, It will also be available on App store in some hours for iOS devices. So now no need to use Fake GPS & Other programs to play, You can enjoy the original and Level up faster.

Pokemon Go India

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We need to thank Reliance Jio again for this game launched in India. As Reliance Jio is the partner of the Niantic(Pokemon Go Company) in India. Niantic – Jio, Both Got together for this game launch. Now every Reliance Store will be PokeStop & Reliance Digital Store will be Poke-Gym in the game after the Christmas/Winter update. Again Reliance Jio Rocked this time! Reliance Jio is also Making group chat on Jio Chat app for Pokemon Go Players.So that they can share tips, tricks, Pokemon Location on the app. So it will be more fun.

Pokemon Go India

The hype of this game is totally over but still many players are playing this game but Can this official launch bring back that hype & the players that left Playing? (Tell us your answer in the comments below). This Question can be surely answered only after Christmas/Winter update for the game Pokemon Go.Most of the searching will end today for Pokemon Go India (on Google).

My personal suggestion is to Play this as it’s better than other game as this allows us to move out for something as Most of the times we just use our laptop/computer and stay at home in a single room but for playing this game you need get out move on and It will surely be enjoyable. (PS: I am starting to go to park Daily in the Morning that was impossible for me because I wake up late but just for this I am ready!)

Pokemon Go the most played game in very few days of its launch in the other countries. But This cannot happen now in India but Soon it’s hype may be back, As it’s the first game that promote’s the walking & Walking is good for health. This game will undoubtedly improve the schedule of children’s, As now they have to go out for playing the game. Soon All the Reliance Store will be full of Gamers that Will fighting in gyms over there & will take poke-balls etc. & Parks will also Be Occupied by the players of Pokemon Go to Catch Pokemon’s.

Hope The information provided above is enough & don’t forget to answer that “Can this Game bring that hype Again?”. Soon we will be coming up with more stuff. Don’t forget to Subscribe our newsletter.Thanks for Visiting, Have a Great Day Ahead.


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