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Ringing Bells Freedom 251 News Update


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The booking Started 6 am onward today. The Website Freedom251.com Kepps Cracsing at the same movement because of much load as Maximum Citizens of India are buying the smartphone because of its cheap price and awesome specifications, So the website is keeps cracshing but some are able to load the website Then they click on the buy now button they the website is redirected to freedom251.com/cart. Then hey fill the information!Its shipping Charge Is INR 40

Freedom 251 Freedom 251

Then They click on the pay Now button Some time they redirect to same page they were on but some on the below page(in the image). Means the pavement fails.

Freedom 251


Because of this some people are thinking that its a fraud website and a fake smartphone fir I also taught this but it isn’t that this problem is because of excess visitors means excess buyers on the website that the website cant’t handle! I am sure because one of my friend order is confirmed and I am also trying too but the problem is with me too.

So keep Trying to buy if you want the cheapest phone till now! You may succeed! If your order is confirmed Then cheers and then you will get the phone in 4 month means in June 2016.Late Shipping! But they are also giving smartphone at an unbelievable price.

A news came as I was writing this article ! This is on the Official Website too.

Freedom 251

There are many jokes made on this phone like This one (in the image).

Freedom 251

Stay Tuned to your own website MaxAndroidApps for more information.

Congrats Again If your order is confirmed and if confirmed do let us know via comments below and don’t forget to share this on social media and Thank You for visiting, Hope you like this post. Have a great day!

Ringing Bells Freedom 251 News Update



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