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Secure your Calls and Texts on Smartphones


Secure your Calls and Texts on Smartphones: In this modern world, safeguarding your privacy is quite a difficult task. Many organizations and departments have some approach to your information, and rather a few can secretly listen to the conversation through some modern methods of approach. All these problems can be overcome by using encryption techniques which help to safeguard your personal information.

Secure your texts
Why is mobile app needed to encode your calls and texts?
Much advanced malware software attempts to infect your mobile phones and desktop sites, which can harm your device. Hackers use the software to directly retrieve your personal information such as passwords, taking the money, or stop the machine proprietor from using their account.
Each and every level of the IT stack and business are at risk. Either it is a small firm or a large venture the requirement for a trending security solution that can safeguard your account is a significant demand.
These activities can be prevented by using anti-malware software which will protect your account from viruses, stealing your secret information from hackers, virus, and various software threats.
Applications such as TextSecure and RedPhone are designed with a unique feature in CyanogenMod ROMs which gives end-to-end secure calls and texts between the users.
Here are some apps that are designed to encrypt your calls and texts to keep the account safe.
Signal app
To make encoding stronger, an open system has been introduced which combines both TextSecure and RedPhone apps which are collectively known as Signal.
The signal app is an open source software designed for iOS, Android and other Desktop sites which provide peer-to-peer encrypted texts, images, groups, video and audio messages which have encoded phone communication between signal users. Though the users use the mobile number as contacts, encoded call, and messages uses data connections.
How signal app works?
Both the parties involved in the conversation should have Signal app installed on their device. Signal sends encoded calls and SMS if both users involved in chat are using the Signal app. Otherwise, the conversation takes place over the average connection. To begin a sacred conversation tap the floating action button in the bottom right corner and then choose a contact from the list.
Signal sends only encoded calls and messages. By following this, Signal will replace your original text messaging apps. If the text input field at the bottom indicates “Send Unsecured Text” that says other party doesn’t have a signal app on their device. To avoid this tap “Invite” and then click the button to send a link for downloading Signal app.
When the opponent has installed the app on their device, you can send SMS to the person which are end-to-end encrypted so no one can hack your conversation. If the user likes to make an encoded call, view the phone icon at the top of the message.
Make sure it has a small lock at has to overlap on the top of it. If it has, taps the button and Signal’s calling interface must come up, and the message “Signal Call” comes which indicates that the conversation is fully encoded.
All the encoded information will be continuously reviewed and checked for security based issues. It has additional features like it is mobile friendly where advanced technical knowledge is not needed.

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Here are some steps to install Signal app in smartphones

  • Download Signal app from Google Play Store and install the application on your mobile.
  • Enter your phone number to register your mobile number and then click the option, continue.
  • Once registered, you will be asked to set Signal as your default app. Tap the headline at the top of the screen and then press “yes” to continue.
  • Another headline would appear which allows you to send messages, tap it if you wanted to have all the text messages brought over to the signal.
  • After all the setup is complete, the text input field indicates “Send Signal Message” which means peer-to-peer encryption takes place.

Text secure

It enables encoded voice calls and texts which are available in almost every smartphones. It can also be used with the help of data connection or Wi-Fi networks. On both sides, messages which you send is encoded and saved in an encrypted container in your smartphone.
Even if the mobile is stolen by someone, all your messages will be unreadable to those without the encrypted container. It hides only the messages that are being sent to when your phone is connected to the internet. Messages are sent over the web by using the Whisper Sync server.
Silent phone
The silent phone is a complete a messaging app which helps to secure your messages, audios, and videos, file transfers in a simple touch. It has some additional features which fix bugs that caused silent calls to drop on network change.
Mobile calling app
Redphone and Signal
RedPhone and Signal encrypt is an open source software that pushes texts from the hackers, and only the most relevant metadata is used to route calls where iOS users can make secure calls to Android users.
This app works with the help of default dialer, even if the app is not opened by the user at the second time. You will be asked by RedPhone or Signal users if you need to upgrade to a secure call.
Each ostel client has the advanced setting, and it is an open source telephone network, which allows the end to end communication on smartphones. To make use of the app an account needs to be created with Ostel. Both the users must have Ostel app installed on their device to make secure calls. It is appropriate that these users cannot be on landlines or using a SIM card.
How the mobile phone call encryption technology works?
Encryption is a technology that encodes original messages or information where only the authorized persons can get access to it. The messages which are referred to as plain text is converted into ciphertext is encrypted using the encrypting algorithm.
The application generates an individual key each time, and it encodes the original message. As soon as the encoding process is completed the key expires after the hang-up. This process is kept secret, and it is made invisible to the users. This approach makes the hackers impossible to achieve their destination.
In addition to this, the application also encodes and stores contact information, messages, and texts, allocating them a password as well, just like a secured container. Phone calls are done through the application by using Internet Protocol.
The internet-based transmission structure is run in adherence to German security standards and high availability servers at Telecom data centers. The mobile encoding app encodes the information with a bandwidth 4.8 kbit/s and that makes it possible to encode cell phones in remote areas with GSM networks.
Double cell phone encoding technology
The mobile encryption app uses the most secure methods which are available on the market. It encodes communication between two users by using some algorithms that work side by side. By using these techniques, it safeguards end to end conversation from the hackers and makes it impossible to guess whom you are talking with. Cryptologist assures that this method will not be figured out at any cause.


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