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Realistic Smartphone Apps for Business Owners


Realistic Smartphone Apps for Business Owners:
In the present world, entrepreneurs are smart and play an indispensable role in market economies. They have a wealth of information, connectivity and the resources are available instantly. Hence, they are known to be the masters of efficiency. The professional administrators have to create ideas and execute plans. To become a successful entrepreneur, the person should have some knowledge in sales or marketing.
Mobile Apps are a great way for every business owner to stay organized and to become successful in their career. Hence, it is said an organized entrepreneur is a successful businessman. An entrepreneur’s main aim is to market their services, save money and retain customers.

smartphone apps for business
If one don’t have right apps and the right tools, then running a business is hard. The main advantage of the mobile app is that one can stay connected, manage employees and even run a business from mobile phones or tablet. With the help of internet connection, an executive can run an office from home. Using applications on the web and mobile is becoming increasingly popular.
Time management is the most important thing for the executives. There are some creative apps which allow the entrepreneurs to conduct their meetings from anywhere they wish. Robin is one of the best apps for executives. It guides a person with directions, updates on traffic conditions, etc.
The following apps offer different services for each aspect of running a successful business. There is no particular ranking, each and every app have its importance.

SmartPhone Apps for Business

Evernote is an app that allows people to take notes and save ideas. It can be synchronized across all devices and computers. Notes can be searched and organized by tags and hence it is known to be a perfect note taking system. This app has the capability of voice recording, and also it can be stored. The web pages can be clipped and saved for later reading.
If a person wants to research a new regulation and gather all of the information in a single place, then Evernote app can be used. The user can access everything offline, without an internet connection. The storage is unlimited and free users are allowed sixty MB of data upload each month. For the new data upload, then the purchase of subscription should be made.
Dropbox provides an efficient way to access documents, files, and folders. It lets one use cloud storage for accessing of files on computer or phone. When a particular file is saved in Dropbox, it automatically syncs and becomes available across devices like laptop, phone or iPad.
One can access data in both online and offline. Instead of sending files through emails, this app is used to share folders with third parties. It is a mobile friendly inbox that allows users to organize incoming messages quickly and easily. The Consumers are provided two GB of free space.
Camcard Free:
The primary objective of this app is to scan business cards into phones at a higher speed and to eliminate the need to save paper business cards. One can easily share contacts with the other people through SMS, email, and Quick Response code. The new folks can be searched and sorted through the cam card website.
For a better communication, an entrepreneur can prefer Slack app. Here, one can create open channels for specific projects with different groups. The person can upload files; add comments, inline images, and video. This app makes sure everything’s neatly organized. The service is free so that the data can be searched in a convenient way.
Pocket one of the best apps for Android and iPhone users. This app is one of the best bookmarking apps, user-friendly and reliable app. Here, one can bookmark all kinds of content, from articles with images, videos, and sync that data across multiple devices.
If a person is busy to read an article or want a thorough reading at a later date, this app is an awesome one. For an enterprise growth, information and content are the most important things. It helps the entrepreneurs to stay organized, save time and increase the efficiency of work. An interesting thing about this app is that it works offline. It is one of the best apps, iPhone and for Android devices.

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This ride-sharing app is an efficient and cheaper one, and it is categorized as a point to point service. Uber offers a black car service for the business meetings so that one can make a good impression. This app is compatible for both Android and iPhone users.
If an entrepreneur looking for a quick and safe way to capture ideas, things to do, and places to see then this app hundred percent suits for it. Wunderlist helps people to share their lists on projects, grocery list or vacation plan and with everyone in their life. This app instantly syncs between phone, tablet, and computer so that one can access files from anywhere and anytime. It is available on Android and iPhones.
If there are some consultants in an enterprise, then a business owner should have PayPal installed on his or her mobile device to pay and receive money for business transactions quickly. Tracking facility is also available in this app integrated with a website, or e-commerce storefront makes use of the payment service. This app is secure and easier to use than desktop for sending payments. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
For all those entrepreneurs who want to achieve their goal and take the business on to the next level, then Buffer app can be used. This app allows one to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn easily. It lets one read articles and schedule them to post on multiple social media sites. Buffer app is available free for Android and iPhone users, and the data can be shared with friends and followers.
Audiobooks from Audible:
For the entrepreneurs who are interested in novels, stories and books can use this preposterous app “Audiobooks from Audible.” The different wide range of books is available from bestsellers to classics with more than one lakh eighty thousand titles downloadable to Smartphone or tablet. This app is designed for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
Mint is a top rated finance app for the business folks. Using this app one can consolidate bank accounts; track the current budget, check credit card score, set up reminders to pay the bills. It also gives the facility to deliver customized tips to save the money and how to improve the credit card score. This app is available in both the Google Play Store and Apple Store; their ratings are 4.5 stars and 4.4 stars respectively.
This app is a handy communication tool that offers free instant messaging, video and voice calls and file sharing. It is a good, low-cost option that facilitates communication and collaboration with team members. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. When the executives want to communicate with the international contractors, this app is used.
When everyone is trying to get a job, there are a few who would like to start up their own business. It is hard to accomplish a task such as starting up a business. We need a helping hand so that everything goes in a well-organized manner.


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