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Are Cheap Smartphones More Vulnerable to Spy Apps?


Are Cheap Smartphones More Vulnerable to Spy Apps? :The world of smartphone industry has too many ventures. You name the company; they have the

production line of the smartphone. Beside the renowned companies, like the Samsung, HTC,

Macintosh Apple or LG, there are number of other companies that are neither much known nor

have a major market scope and are producing and selling the smartphones at a rate way lesser

than the famous brands.

Are Cheap Smartphones More Vulnerable to Spy Apps?

Spy apps

Even though the specifications of the phones are as same as the known brands, like LG launched

the G3, a version of the massively built smartphone with 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal

storage. A Chinese, not so renowned brand launched a phone with similar specs but 75% cheaper

than that.

Most of the consumers are found choosing the phones with lower price and high specs instead of

going for the quality. Though the specs so provided for the cheaper phones do exist there, but the

quality of the specification and assembly is not capable to provide better usability.

Custom Modules:

Cheaper smartphones use the custom modules of the OS platforms. Mostly they are built to run

the Custom Android ROMs, but there are some brands even that run over the custom built Java


Such specifications are highly vulnerable to the hacking and spy apps. Due to the poor

modulation, the phone’s internal setup is not strong enough to resist the assault of malwares.

No Upgrade:

Due to the customary ROMs, there are no upgrades available for the cheaper smartphones. The

upgrades provide a number of security solutions, such as:

  •  Cloud backup
  •  Stronger pins
  •  Distinct screen – lock patterns
  •  Ramped up disk encryption methodologies
  •  Beefed pattern for the data usage and internet connectivity
  •  Better hovering of the packets and network mobility

The glimpse of the improved security levels can be assessed through the upgrades of the Android

and iOS.

Vulnerable from Environment:

The mobility environment is full of malwares and spywares. A number of black sheep are there

in the folk of developers that are working to generate malicious software to reach the

smartphones of anonymous users in order to get their personal details.

Presently, it has been commonly observed that we have become quite habitual of the smartphone

technology that we have started to even put our banking details within the memos of the

smartphones. Apart from that those black sheep try to trace the pins and combinations of the

smartphone users’ banking detail via the banking apps now provided by almost major banks of

the world. Finger – tap tracing malware are used to get the access to the secret codes.

Unfortunately the cheaper smartphones have a poor level of the security which allows the black

sheep to get access to every data contained in the phone and let the spy apps do their job.

Unconsented Spying:

Dedicated and user – friendly spy app developers such as TheOneSpy make their users to fetch a

free consent of the person who is to be monitored and invigilated. Particularly the spy apps are

designed for the business invigilation and parental control.

But there are a number of developers in the market that provide apps for the purpose of spying

people without the consent of the person being spied. Sticking to the righteous ends, it is illegal

and has been forbidden by almost all the states of the world.

Such of the acts involve the happening and taking out of the heinous and sick crimes and such

spying is generally used for:

  •  Spying spouse
  •  Spying a family member for sexual assault
  •  Spying some anonymous or known person for home raid
  •  Spying rivals’ business and gaining access to their secret data
  •  Cyber stalking
  •  Cyber molestation
  •  Mugging
  •  In – cognitive pornography

Apart from these there could be a number of reasons that could have been used by the

unconsented spying.


Custom modules of the cheap smartphones doesn’t even have support for any of the issues

involved within the phone either hardware or software. In case a person get to know that he or

she is being spied by someone, they only way to get rid of the spy is to break the phone as none

of the tech support is available.


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