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Social Live Streaming Made Easy By BonkLive Android App


Social Live Streaming Made Easy By BonkLive Android App: The smartphone is the next thing to be called a powerful technology, which any common man can have in the palms. The world of Internet has allowed and opened up many opportunities, which are resulting in greater innovations all around the world.

The Internet has brought us right and things along with it, but it is our responsibility to use it that way the rules applied by an entity. The app stores are now filled with innovations like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. But have you ever heard of Live Broadcasting social media platform, where you show your set of skills LIVE to your audience?

BonkLive App Review

Broadcasting apps have become a sensation a few years back, but the only a couple of services were able to make it to the top. The BonkLive is an app, which enables you to start a LIVE feed to the audience. The BonkLive is at an initial stage where you can make most of the opportunity.

If you are a video creator, then the platform is right for you to present your skills to the LIVE audience, where there are many viewers online, and the competition is less than you can anticipate.

*1 Sign in

You need to create a free account in the BonkLive to access all premium features, which is an easier process made by the social media networks, this part is for those who aren’t very good at the technical side. Rest can move on to the next step for further information.

1: On the homepage, you can find three options to sign up.

  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
  • Email – You can use your email to sign up.

2: To save time, I have selected Google account and tap on the Google Plus icon.

3: You have a window pop-up on your screen, if you have added multiple Google account to the smartphone then you should be able to see them on the list. Select and Tap on the account, and you want to continue.

4: Now Tap on “Allow.”

5: You will be redirected to the Dashboard, and you will be able to see many options and features, which will confuse you for a moment.

*2 How to Watch LIVE Broadcasts?

We are going to start with Live Broadcast because that is the primary feature of the app.

1: You get two options in the tab, Featured and New. You have to select one of them.

2: In the featured, most liked or viewed a person would appear on the list. The list consists of Live Feeds, which are streaming from all over the world.

3: New is something, where newer streamers will be highlighted, and you can watch the new streamers on the “NEW” tab.

4: Tap on any Live Video you want to watch.

5: You will be connected within 30 seconds (Depends on your Internet speed)

6: You can send text as well to let the Streamer know you are watching it.

7: If you click the GIFT icon, you can send gold coins to the streamer as a token of appreciation.

8: When you tap on the Share button from the side bar menu, you can share it to a Facebook profile or a page.

*3 How to Start LIVE Broadcasts?

The live broadcast isn’t standard as of now, so we are going to show you how you can go live on the BonkLive app.

1: You can see that there is a large Green Button in the bottom, Tap on it.

2: You have to select your country, so tap on it.

3: You have a huge country list and select your country.

4: You have to choose a category, which explains the nature of your video, Tap on the category.

5: A huge list will appear and select the most relevant one that fits your Live Broadcast.

6: An attractive will get you more views and likes from all over the world.

7: Now tap on the LIVE.

You will be able to stream like all over the world on BonkLive. Not only that, you will appear on the NEW tab and chances of getting attention from the community is assured.


Those who are planning to make few bucks out of the Live broadcast will get it, when the viewers gift them Gold Coins, which are worth real money. Shoot your opinions, experience and tips in the comment section below



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