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Top 5 Blogging Apps For Bloggers 2016


Hey hi guys, as technology is growing many smartphones, are coming to market and also many android apps are also coming to make our daily life somewhat easy so why not in blogging yes there are many apps for bloggers too which help bloggers a lot so I have got top 5 best Blogging Apps list so lets go ..

Best Blogging Apps For Bloggers In 2016

As we all know there are many platforms to start our blog but there are very fewer platforms which are best and using by many bloggers so as we all know WordPress is the most popular and best platform to start our blog so let’s start with WordPress app.

  1. WordPress

Many bloggers don’t know that there is an app to maintain our blog through mobile from the WordPress official app so these is the most important app so now let’s have a quick review on this app.

Blogging Apps

Here we can access our desktop and we can write a new post or can edit old posts and also a good thing is that we can upload images also and also we can add keywords and also we can do bold the title’s and also words we can manage our blog visitors comments and also we can give a reply to them and we can manage almost all the things which we can manage from desktop version of PC.

2. Blogger

Blogging Apps

So now we will move to the second largest used platform blogger app so this app is also same as WordPress we can manage our desktop and also we can manage comments and we can write edit and change the post we can upload images and we can publish a post at any time.

3. Disqus

Blogging Apps

I think many people are using Disqus commenting system for their blog as it looks good and also its good to use so we can manage our Disqus comments from here so for the bloggers who are using Disqus commenting system on their blog should install this app.

4. Analytics

Blogging Apps

When comes to analytics definitely many bloggers use google analytics as it will gather all the information of our blog including visitor details and also it is from google so we can manage it from our android smartphone only with this app so we can know how many active visitors on our site and how many people visited how many pages and many more same as desktop website version so I will prefer you to install this app .

5. AdSense

Blogging Apps

At last but not least we all know about AdSense as it is from google it is used by many bloggers to earn from their blog so always we doesn’t need to go to the AdSense website and check our earnings so here is  simple way we can check our earnings in app but we can only check our blog earnings but not youtube if you want to check youtube earnings then you should go to the AdSense website only except these all are good.

So these are about Top 5 Blogging Apps For Bloggers in These 2016 we hope we have covered must have apps if we missed any app please inform us and thanks for reading.


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