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Top 5 Android Games Of July 2016


Top 5 Android Games Of July 2016 : We are back again with our new list. The games you must try once if you play games on your android phone. Hope You all Like the Games!

CSR 2 Logo - Android Games 2016CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 – The next chapter to the #1 drag racing game series of all time has arrived!

“Unbelievably good looking”, KOTAKU
“So real it hurts”, CULT OF MAC
“Obliterates the line between console and mobile graphics”, POLYGON

Team up with friends to form a crew, tune your rides for maximum speed and dominate the competition in global crew events. CSR2 is all-new; download for free and start racing now

google-play-install-en - Android Games 2016

Zombie Catchers LOGO - Android Games 2016Zombie Catchers

– Catch zombies!
– Discover new territories!
– Unlock exciting new gadgets!
– Build a juicy and delicious business empire!
– Expand and micro-manage your own underground lab!



Hitting Ball LOgo - Android Games 2016Hitting Ball

“Hitting Ball” is a kind of “Breakout” game which is bouncing a ball and destroying bricks.

A ball travels across the screen, bouncing off the top and side blocks. When a block is hit, the ball bounces away and the block is destroyed. The player loses a turn when the ball touches the bottom of the screen. To prevent this from happening, the player has a movable paddle to bounce the ball upward, keeping it in play.


Hitting Ball - Top 5 Android Games of July 2016
Hitting Ball – Top 5 Android Games of July 2016

Can You escape 3d LogoCan you escape 3D

This is a new type of Escape games. The big difference is in the way you control the game, and the way you search for clues and puzzles. Swipe your finger to look around in the 3D rooms and move the camera view in any direction. If you like escape games, you will probably love this one. Give it a try to see for yourself…

– Super realistic 3D look and feel
– Many different room types
– Easy controls
– Addicting and fun
– Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices


Can You Escape 3D - Top 5 Android Games of July 2016
Can You Escape 3D – Top 5 Android Games of July 2016

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Cartoon Wars 3 LogoCartoon Wars 3

STRATEGIC TOWER DEFENSE : Strategically assemble your army and destroy the opposing tower. Use your Arrow Launcher to defend your castle from incoming enemy units.
ENHANCE YOUR UNITS : Boost your units by leveling or enhancing!
Acquire stronger characters by evolving and combining!
BATTLE MODES : Choose between new battle modes.Invite your friends for a Team Battle!Prove your worth in Raid!


Finally we hope guys you all enjoyed our list  of best android games of the month, if you still have any query then do let us know in comments below. On other hand don’t forget to follow us on social bookmark sites to stay connected with us.

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