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Top 5 Gaming Emulators


Not all the operating systems support all the games. To let you play your desired games on your choice of platform, Emulators play as a great support. Gaming Emulators are the support systems to enable various gameplay on the cross platforms. So, you do not have to be sad about not being able to play your old school games. With gaming emulators, you can play any game and to be specific every game in its original version. You can explore every game from PlayStation to SNES with gaming emulators.

Check the most happening and highly useful gaming emulators, they are been detailed in the write-up.

List Of Top-rated Gaming Emulators:

There are various gaming emulators designed and developed to help you play games on different platforms like Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS. The top 5 emulators are listed below:

  • Dolphin Emulator:

Dolphin emulator Apk is currently the most favourite gaming emulator for users. It was first designed and developed for Windows but with huge success for Windows, it was further developed for Mac and Linux users too. Recently Dolphin Emulator Apk is also introduced for Android users. Though there are certain compatibility issues yet you can play certain Nintendo Games effectively.

It allows you the connection of traditional GameCube controllers to play the game and even the Wii remotes with the help of Bluetooth can be connected to the device and you can play the Nintendo games reliving your childhood. This emulator is just designed to give you access to play the games and is not filled with games. You need to have a copy of your favourite game in your storage devices.

  • Drastic DS Emulator:

It is yet another most preferable Nintendo DS emulators. It offers you virtual controls over the game. It allows you to save and load the various game stages and play smoothly. With Drastic DS emulator, you can even control and customize top and bottom screens of DS. With Drastic DS emulator, you have no obstacles for playing as it is completely tried, tested and fully developed. Hence it is stable to use and play.

It supports most of the gaming ROMs and you hardly have to face any bugs and flaws. It supports a long list of games. This gaming emulator is available at a certain price and there is no free version to it. It is not even available for the trial version only the paid version exists. Though the prices have been reduced over the years and the gaming experience it provides will never make you regret paying.

  • EmuBox:

Emubox is not designed for a specific series of games but supports various games like PSX, SNES, Game Boy Advance and Color, Nintendo DS and NES. You can say it is an All In One emulator in short. It comes with some of the unique features apart from the classic gaming emulator features. Some of them are:

  • External Control Support System.
  • Fast Forward Function.
  • Save the game progress and load different states.
  • Sharing and transfer of game states.
  • Material Design and many more.

You can even personalize the settings to enhance the gaming performance. It can be supported on all Android versions even in the lower versions. The best part of this gaming emulator is, it is available for free and there are no in-app purchases. A small annoying part of the emulator is it creates an interruption in between the gameplay with ads else it is all over a complete package.

  • Frodo C64:

This is an open source Commodore 64 gaming emulators. You might not like it right away as it is difficult to deal with it at the start, you may take time to understand how it works, but once you get it you will love using it. This is the best emulator to connect to Commodore 64. Frodo C64 For Android is the port of the PC version yet you can manage to play on your Android Smartphones.

Initially, if you cannot stand it right away, just take some time to tinker and understand its functioning as it is certainly the best in its category. It has smooth gameplay and gives you the best gaming performance.

  • John Emulators:

This emulator is available for free as well as the premium version at a price of $2.99 per month. John Emulators does not owe a single app but has different apps, as he is a developer on Google Play. You can find different John emulators for SNES, NES, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance.

No matter which one you pick up they are best in their particular domain with the desired support system. It also adds up the spice in your gaming experience with cheat codes and fast forward option. You will find all the basic feature of a gaming emulator along with better ROM support.

Final Words:

You can pick up any of the gaming emulator listed above and they perform best in their console. You can enjoy the games your like on your smartphones and laptops with these amazingly designed applications and software.


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