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Top 5 mistakes followed in App Marketing


Top 5 mistakes followed in App Marketing: Smartphones have changed the scene of consumerism in a couple short years by turning into our most favorite tool for watching TV, reading the news, shopping, socializing, exploring etc.

App MarketingAs a marketer, mobile plays a vital role in connect with your end users to promote your product. However, many organizations are committing very basic mobile app marketing mistakes. Evade these five basic blunders for effective mobile app marketing.
Sending Broadcast messages

Mobile App Marketing

Trust it or not, numerous applications are as yet sending broadcast messages in 2017! With the huge amount of user data, there are no reasons for proceeding with this obsolete practice.
The most effective method to fix this issue is by classifying your target audience and customizes your push and in-application messages!
Broadcast messages convey a similar non-exclusive layout message to your whole group of customers. Today, applications have admittance to an abundance of data about their clients, from basic details like a client’s name and age to more particular information like purchase history and the user’s last activity. Utilize this incredible data to alter customized push warnings and in-app messages that address your specific clients, bringing about greater engagement and higher conversion rates.

2. Don’t go behind Best Acquisition Sources

Mobile marketers are contributing enormous cash to increment the mobile app installation by any number of sources – Facebook, the App Store, or any other third party app. It is easy to see the most installed apps but it takes careful attention where the acquisition source provides significant information.

To solve this issue: Don’t fixate on download metric – contemplate which sources give the most noteworthy LTV application users.
Make your application sources to a higher standard by tracking more than just downloads. So further estimation is necessary to see what really impacts your primary concern.
Which are clients destined to change over?
Which are most drawn in with your application?
Measure every one of the information to see which application procurement sources merit putting into!

3. Not working on customer attrition:

Losing customers is one of the most worrying issue app developer’s faces to grow up his user base and income.
So what can app proprietors and advertisers do — proactively — to affect application maintenance and user churn rates to improve things?
To fix this: Track users and follow predictive app marketing.
Predictive app marketing helps us track the churners vs. converters. The info shows which new app users are most probably we are going to lose. Permitting you to take steps to make the actions that you can re-engage them before you have to win them back.

4. Not conducting A/B Test

App marketers can make an endless number of variants like comparing the competitors and best sellers which help your app to reach its effective version. Neglecting A/B test makes your marketing not effective as much it could be.
How to Fix This: Use controls groups to compare and try out with the testing result.
A/B testing includes simply testing the color shades in your app with other and wordings of the push message. Even a little change in your app can have an enormous effect.

You can test:

  • Wordings
  • Punctuation
  • Frequency
  • Emoticon

5. Not using Rich Push Notifications

Nowadays users are responding to memes-image over lengthy paragraphs. Just as incorporating emojis into messaging can often provide app users with an immediate visual, visceral response (smiley emoji = happy), rich push promises to provide similar success.
Android and iOS 10 has the option to send rich, image-based push messages. Apps can send rich push notifications that feature an image, gif, or even a video!
How to Fix This: Experiment with rich push notifications to improve customer access to your updates.
Rich push messages will probably get to be distinctly gigantic this year – we’ve as of now observed an enormous increment in video content in the course of recent years, and rich pins will make sure to profit.


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