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Top 6 Immunity Apps to Stay Safe & Secure


Top 6 Immunity Apps to Stay Safe & Secure: Cities and colonies in the world are changing with the changing trends in the current scenario. The population is increasing, and people are making efforts to create livelihoods for them. There is immense impact by the technologies on the human race, in the present everything is happening based on it. It has become an essential thing in the existence; the technology drives the world.
In today’s world, it is evident that people have turned out to be a night person. They are more active and outgoing in the evening’s rather than in the daytime. We need to responsible and stay safe, wherever we are going, and we need to stay conscious. Unfortunately, there a few people who bring utter chaos to the people and make the livelihood unsafe.

Immunity Apps
It is sad to mention that, there are a few cases where people are attacked, bruised and left unattended in an unsafe place. People, now a day’s find it hard to travel alone; especially women find it risky to all by themselves in the wee hours of the day. In a recent survey taken, Caracas, Venezuela is considered to be the most dangerous city in the world with the highest crime rate and is ranked number one.
Some citizens are law abiding, and they are a few people who don’t care about the law and behave against the law and get involved in crime. The crime rate is on the rise, with the increase in bandits, mobsters, gangsters, and hooligans. It is not only during crime scenes we are affected. There are other emergencies like natural calamities where we need help to rescue us.
Mobile Apps are presently trending, and they have come to a rescue for us to stay safe and secure in times of emergencies and if we are in a ghetto which is considered as unsafe. Here is a list to check out and use the apps to keep ourselves safe in case of emergencies.
Working in the night, feeling scared to walk alone to home, no need to worry. This app will keep us company; there are situations when we may need to travel alone and unfortunately, do not find someone to accompany us. We can use this app to send private alert messages to the contacts about our whereabouts and keep them posted. If we are moving to a different location, the GPS in our device will track the details, and it will be sent to the list of friends who have been altered. There is an alarm system available the app, which can be set off which will send a notification with the video broadcasts to the location along with the GPS.
It is important that our family should be aware that we are safe and secure; we are not in any danger. Life360 is an app which can be used for different purposes; it helps us to stay in touch with our family members. We can set up an exclusive network for our family members and keep them posted with our location and safety. During natural disasters, it is common that the cell phone towers lose the signal strength and we find it hard to contact our loved ones. With the help of this app, we can be sure that the family is safe. The alert option in the app, when selected will send a text, mail and voice call to the people who are in the group.
Watch Over Me
This app is a customized App, which has two different text boxes to enter information. We need to specify the details when we want the app to watch over oneself or on someone in our contacts. We can set the time in the app, at what time of the day we want the app to watch over. Once we are done providing the details and the specification, we need to tap on the button which reads as watch over me. If we fail to do so, then the timer will go off, and it will reach the contacts in the list with the GPS location. The “Emergency Alert” option is always available for us to use, in a case of an emergency.

React Mobile
React Mobile is an app which turns out to be one of the most active safety apps and make the device a safety one as well. We can send silent alert messages to the contact list which is already saved in the app. A unique feature which this app holds is having a virtual company when we are walking alone, back to our home. The Save our Soul alert message will trigger and send text, email, even send a message to the social media contacts. Once we activate the app, we have a pop-up option where we can make the emergency call to 911.
Drunk Mode
Staying late at a night party, afraid of finding yourself in a drunken state, then this app would be the right one. When we are in a night out party, we don’t want to go missing and get our loved ones worried about us. There is an option on the app which says “find me drunk,” with which we will be able to track the friend who is drunk in that situation. We can add our friends who are going to accompany us at night out party, through the social networking sites as well. The app has a feature, where we can find out the details of the evening where we found and in which location we were, and all the tracking details are available under the “breadcrumbs” option.
This app is mainly designed and developed for the physical fitness enthusiasts. If we happen to leave our phones at home or work and want to set ourselves out. Then, we can feed the details of the location where we are going to go and the duration of how long are we going to stay in that place. When the check in time is not updated, the alert will get triggered to the contacts through texts and emails. It is not only for the fitness freaks, but it is also good for the people who happen to visit people at different places for different purposes.


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Final Thoughts
The crime rates in the cities are on the rise, and it is important that we stay safe wherever we are going and staying. It doesn’t matter in what kind of situation we are, it might be a daylight or twilight, we have to be responsible for keeping ourselves safe. It is not necessary that only if we are in danger, we need to find a rescue, by any means if find someone in trouble, it is important that we make efforts to take the person to a safer place and see to it that they reach their respective homes safely.
When we want to come the emergency number, it may not get connected in a few situations. At times, it would take forever for the officials or the rescue team to report to the location and rescue the person. Mobile apps have helped millions of us to perform our day to day tasks, as well as to keep ourselves safe. If we find ourselves in an unsafe place or a crime scene, then these apps are of great help to us. But, when it comes to the disasters which are bound to be by nature in a few cases, it might get hard for us to stay safe.
In any case, we find ourselves in a situation where we do not sport a safety or security app on ours. It is always better that we call 911, to make sure that we get to the right person at the right time. It is true that if we do not find ourselves in a critical condition or an emergency. But, it is always better that we keep ourselves safe, secure and always on alert. There is no need to think, just go ahead and install these apps, Stay Safe and Be Safe wherever you go.


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