Home News Torrents will land you in jail was a fake news

Torrents will land you in jail was a fake news


Torrents will land you in jail was a fake news :  Yeah we are safe to visit the torrent sites , The news trending from some days was totally. Read out the full article to know more.

Viewing torrents

From quite few days there was a news that that visiting a torrent site is a crime now & will land you in jail for 3 years & you have to pay a fine of Rs.3lakh. Because of this news the torrents site got very less amount as the people were feared to visit the torrent website. There were much Trolls on this social media about it. Some of them we will share here.

Two Persons talking in Jail

Criminal : I just did a small murder i will be out in a month.

Person : I downloaded 3 movies from torrents , Now I have to Stay here for 9 Years.

hehe Trolls Never Ends.

But in some days it was verifies that there is no such low by the court or govt.. This news was a fake news that was just to stop piracy but the piracy can’t be stopped , Till there are kickass torrent & Torrentz. Aldo Give a look to thsi Article : Noone can Kill piracy Till kickass torrent & Torrentz are there.

Also Give a Look to : Kickass torrent are back with new name!

But at last I want to say that if you can afford the original items , Then please don’t pirate them , It takes hard work of developer & creators.  They get big loss if noone buys it. Who can’t afford the original items , Torrents are for them. Rest you are know what to do. But this is sure that Torrents will not land you in jail.

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