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Torrentz.eu Shuts Down – Good Bye Torrentz


Torrentz.eu Shuts Down – Good Bye Torrentz :  We all loved this site the most , But now it shuts down , the site takes farewell , Now when you search on the website it shows “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell”.

Torrentz Farewell MaxAndroidApps

This was the most famous torrents site , That shows every torrent we want.This website is the longest running torrent website , It was established in 2003 by “Flippy” , And Is closed in 2016(Now). Salute to this website , which made our life easier. But at some point its Good that its shut down , as the people who can afford also pirate the thing and Waste the work of developers & Creators. Personally Piracy only destroys the work of Creators & Developers.

But is the Torrents Closed for Life now? No , Not at all , Till Kickass Torrents are there Torrents cannot be shut down. Still Kickass torrents are up with the name dxtorrent. But there domains are also seizing by US Govt. As kat.cr , Kat.am got up but now kat.am also shuts down , means only dxtorrent left. But Kickass torrents is still father of torrents & its not easy to shut them down!

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Torrentz.eu was having 186 World-Wide Rank & 28 Rank in India. Overall it was a superb website . But its supposed that there is no backup of the site means the this site shuts-down forever. GOOD BYE TORRENTZ.

Torrentz Alexa Rank 2016 MaxAndroidApps


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