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Vidmate is the New Video Streaming App You Must Have


Vidmate is the New Video Streaming App You Must Have: Vidmate is the latest powerful video streaming app. YouTube these days is so old school that it has become very inconvenient for several users. Moreover because of YouTube’s policy’s one can barely see latest movies or television shows. And not to mention how slow and cumbersome YouTube often is. If anything, Vidmate is an excellent alternative to YouTube and comes with perks that the Google app wouldn’t offer. In this post, we’ll be discussing the real reason why you need to get Vidmate into your phone and PC right now, and we’ll also guide you through the download and installation process. Here we go!

New Video Streaming App: VIDMATE

One good reason why you need to get Vidmate right now because it’s free of cost and you can be sure that there aren’t any hidden subscriptions, we can tell because we have used it ourselves. This is one hell of an app that where you get not just to stream the latest movies or shows but also download them. Moreover, Vidmate comes with a built-in internet booster, so if you suffer from the slow internet, the app will still work without buffering or freezing.
The app draws videos from various websites, so you don’t have to worry about spammy links that don’t work. Over the course of a week almost all videos we tried streaming or downloading worked pretty well. When downloading a video, the app offers some formats and resolutions to choose from it. The videos are often updated, so you’ll find the latest shows and films right after they are released. They can browse through the categories like most recent, most popular, genre, etc. Every video has got a summary, list of the cast and crew, ratings and a place to comment. You can very well browse through those and see if the video is good enough for you to stream or download.


Now we hope you can understand why the app is so popular and why you need to get your hands on it and ass to its popularity. That said, to get the app to work on your Android handset you need to tweak your smartphone a bit. Open your handset and go to setting, from there go over to security, there you need to switch on the ‘unknown sources’ option. Now you can Google search for Vidmate and then download the app file preferably from an app website because the app isn’t available on Google Play Store thanks to Google’s policies.
You can get Vidmate to work on your Windows PC via a hack that we are sharing below. To the app file to work on Windows, you’d need an Android emulator. Bluestacks is the world’s best Android emulator. Get that downloaded and installed into your PC. Then using the method that we mentioned above download the Vidmate app file. Now go to the download folder, find the app file then right click on it and open with Bluestacks. Vidmate will open thinking that it’s opening on an Android platform. Vidmate is the YouTube of future. Better get on the trend train before it’s too late.


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