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How to use webcam on smart phone


Some smartphones camera is not so good or even disgusting . So what to do for that Change the smartphone = NO! , You can use a webcam. By following the simple steps :-

  1. Go to playstore and download an app “Camera Fi” or you can download any alternative app.

  2. Then just go an buy a OTG cable.(About 2$ or Rs100)webcam

  3. Connect the one side of OTG with webcam and the other with smartphone.

  4. Now run the app that you have downloaded or “Camera Fi”

  5. Your webcam is connected with the phone.

Now You are done with the work.You can click awesome pictures shoot awesome videos with your smartphone!!!

If you didn’t understand then you can Watch the video Below.

(Click on the image to watch)


If you want to ask anything Comments Are free to ask !

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