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Welcome Back Nokia : Connecting People – India’s Leading Brand


Welcome Back Nokia

Welcome Back Nokia – Top Leading brand in India was shut down some years ago. But now they are coming back in some months. Nokia windows phone got a huge failure in India and they couldn’t get the making cost of the phones , so microsoft left giving them windows software anymore , So Nokia Handles microsoft  every work in India and left from the country
But Nokia’s keypad phones were superb , none of the phones can beat them , so they decided to do a come back with their new peypad phones and Latest Android Phones and they may handle back their Windows Phone too.
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Nokia is going to launch their new keypad phone in some months and latest Nokia Android Phone too with latest android operating system Marshmallow.

Hope You all like this article , soon we will update the features of nokia android phones! Stay Connected

nokia-logo-connecting-people-WelCome Back Nokia
WelCome Back Nokia


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