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Whats app New Feature


Whats App New feature : We all are familiar to whats app. We do our personal / Buisness chats with out nears one and dear ones. Today Whats app introduced a new feature that awesome. Now lets Directly come to the topic – New Feature.
While chatting a talk is going and a Single question is left and you want to answer that but some more quotes are asking then how to answer a single question. It means whats app introduced a Feature Reply to the Single Message. Now let me clear this to you!

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Whats App New feature :

As a message came How to reply To that Single message instead of that are came after that! Just Hold the single message you want to answer for 2 sec. (As shown in the image Below). Then Click on the Circled Button.

Whats app reply - Whats App Features

When You click on the circled button , The following(in the image) message will be shown , this means that you are replying to the single message not the other messages.

Whats App Features
As Final Chat will be shown as is in the image Below.

Whats App Features
Hope you all understand the new feature , Soon i will make a video on It! And Apply It now for better understanding. If you want to ask anything , The comments section is available below. I will answer your comments. Thank You for visiting , Have a great Day.


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