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Whatsapp Comes Out With Enhanced Features in Its Beta Version


Whatsapp Comes Out With Enhanced Features:
Whatsapp Comes Out With Enhanced Features


In our day to day life, technology is growing to a faster extent where a man cannot enjoy their luxurious life without the use of the internet. It is helping us in our daily life for almost everything. So, people make use of this technology by using Smartphone which guides the user in a correct way. For making communication with others social media sites plays a major role.

One such technology is the Whatsapp which is used to chat with different people around the word by the help of Smartphone. We can also share our audios, videos, and other files through this platform. This application is much popular with the end users who do not have unlimited text messages.

Adding to it, Whatsapp provides group chat and location sharing options. In this application, a new version has been released with a status reply and mute notifications so that user can give reviews about the profile and status. The Beta-version is made available for all the android users. At present, only limited numbers of people are using this updated version and later on it is expected to spread all over the world.

Whatsapp forthcoming Status specialty

Whatsapp, the messaging application is bought by social media giant Facebook which has new updated performance in the status feature. Whatsapp seems to follow the same path of Facebook, of making it much more intended for the social media platform. Though Whatsapp has many new features, the company is taking many steps to further produce attractive features in it.

Finally, they have come up with a feature that allows the user to respond to a status update of friends. The user can unhide certain status of particular friends. Once you mute them they will not be able to see your status and profile pictures. The updated feature appears to be a copy of snap chat feature. The feature is made available on the beta version for windows phone, but it’s hidden to beta users due to several reasons.

Anyhow, the people can able to enable the feature in a recently released version of Whatsapp Beta. Their status will not be shown in the status section but you can continue to chat with them as usual. It also has enabled features where you can able to see the latest status from all of your contacts you have muted. Adding to it, there are facilities where you can reply to the statuses for your friends. We can able to reply to our friend’s post in the chat UI, like the Snapchat. However, Whatsapp status is not available for Android or even iOS users.

WABetaInfo is a place which seeks for Whatsapp Beta update features. It shares the screenshots on Twitter which contains images from messaging app Beta version. The picture shows a button which can be used to hide or unhide the status alerts. When it is muted, you will not be able to see the statuses of your contacts in the status section.

Whatsapp Comes Out With Enhanced Features

You can even scan the section’s unblocked list. You can unhide the status of your application once you change your mind. People can also have a conversation about the status update of their friends which is likely to be an appropriated feature from Snapchat stories.

The feature was seen in Whatsapp beta for Windows mobile version. Furthermore, the mute button was also seen on Whatsapp beta for Android version also. With respect to the recent reports, it adds many other features in its app like a status option, pushes up notifications including the delete option.

Whatsapp Notifies Your Friends When You Change Your Status

Earlier it is announced that Whatsapp user’s ion Android devices will soon get trendy features that would allow them to share live locations, says a recent report. It looks like Whatsapp is including some more additional features in it. Whatsapp users may get features that allow them to get notifications when any of their friends change their status.

The feature which was told above has been released and worked upon with a small number of users in its Beta version and has been released as of now. Furthermore, Whatsapp is expected to show more advancement in the status feature. There are also other facilities like push up notifications ad it has the ability to make the status disappear in 24 hours.

In terms of design, the application could detach tab for the status that goes along with the Chats, Calls, and contact tabs. It has also given a hint that Group messaging will see some changes in upcoming days. Afar from the location sharing and status feature, the application has recently combined the ability to send alert to a user when the phone’s battery is low during the live call.

Even more, Whatsapp could bring the ability to save pictures from the application into an independent folder in the camera roll by default. It is expected from the application that it will soon bring out a robust roadmap in terms of delivering new updates to its application and new characteristic to the users.

Whatsapp Beta Version Brings New Emojis from Android and iOS

Emojis plays an important role in the messaging application. Further emojis are now replacing the text in messages rather than giving a reply with text. Whatsapp knows this better as it is working with android on making the emoji experience of Android users better.

The Android users will probably able to get a new set of emojis which were introduced with iOS and Android Nougat regardless of the current version of Android they are making use of. The Unicode emojis are also available with the latest beta version of Whatsapp for the Android users. By this way, you can get these emojis on Whatsapp even if you are not using Android 7.1 Nougat.

The section includes a clown, a girl and a boy doing a facepalm, shrug, avocado, butterfly, nauseated face, whiskey glass, dancing boy, etc. In case if you are not able to get hold of these emojis on Whatsapp version, you can engage for the beta version of the application. Once you start to download the latest version of beta you can start using the emojis. Else, if you are not a beta tester in Whatsapp, you can try using these emojis by downloading the latest version of Whatsapp beta from the APK Mirror.

In Conclusion

One of the major ratings of social media is the Whatsapp application that connects us with multiple users through online chatting. This kind of social media is made accessible to everyone who uses portable devices like the Smartphone. By using Whatsapp we can have a secured communication with our friends in order to get rid of the strangers.

With respect to this, Whatsapp changed its performance with the specification of various software products in online. This online chatting service has a process of an end to end encoding which protects us from the strangers. As a user, we need to access this technology and we can be benefited by making use of this application. In the upcoming future, a large number of advanced specifications are expected to come. The specifications are always based on the user’s customer’s need.

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