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Whatsapp end to end Encryption


Whatsapp End To End Encrypted – When Mark Zukerberg (Owner of Facebook) started partnership of whatsapp and facebook, many of us think that their messages are not safe. But all our conversations are on whatsapp with our family and friends.So now whatsapp is end to end encrypted! Means your messages are totally safe! You can chat with your loved ones and even your personals chat and buisness deals on whats app as its totally safe.

This appears in the Chat!

If you want to verify the encryption , Just click on the text shown in the above image of your chat. Then the pop up shown below will come.

This Pop Will be Shown!

Then Click On the Verify Button and The Text Shown Below in the image will be shown to You.
Then Just Give the number that is on the screen to him/her you are chatting if the number is same then your chat is secured or the another is to scan the QR code on the both mobile of each-other.
Hope This article helped you and if you want to know more about it then you can visit WhatsApps Security.
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Whatsapp End To End Encrypted


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