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Windows 10 Anniversary Update – All You Need to Know


Windows 10 Anniversary Update – All You Need to Know : Windows 10 the most loved windows right now. Windows 10 Completed one Year on 29 July , They gave the Anniversary Update on 2 August. The new features will make you to love windows 10.

Windows 10 Aniversary Update MaxAndroidApps

How To Update?

  • Just Go to settings < Update & Security.
  • Click on Check for Updates.
  • Then it will download 3.05GB for once after its done it will again download 1.05GB.
  • After Its done Click on Restart Now. Installation will take 1 to 1.5 Hrs. :You are done:

Overall this update is of 4.1 GB but in parts it came first of 3.05 GB on 2 August & one more update of 1.05 GB on 3 August. & The Installation Takes From 1 to 1.5 Hrs Approx. Now Lets checkout its new features.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Features :-

  • Windows Ink : The Best Part Of Anniversary update

Windows Ink was for limited use in Windows 10 but Now its much Improved after the update. Now you canm virtual ruler , Draw lines / shaped even if your drawing is not much good.Unfortunately, Windows Ink isn’t the perfect solution for solving all the limitations of pen input in Windows 10. I still can’t use the built-in mail client and immediately start writing handwritten email, and the pen still doesn’t feel like it’s a core part of Windows 10, despite Microsoft’s work to integrate it more into Edge, Cortana, and apps like Maps and Office.

Windows INK - Windows 10 Aniversaru Update MaxAndroidApps

  • Microsoft Edge Extensions

Just like our favorite browser Chrome , Now Microsoft edge also support extension that can be downloaded from Microsoft Store. Now extensions like Adblock , Evernote etc are available.Microsoft has also added in web notifications for Edge, allowing websites to push notifications to the Windows 10 Action Center (notification center).

  • Cortana Improvements

Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, debuted on Windows 10 last year, and the software maker is bringing it to the lock screen with the Anniversary Update. You’ll be able to ask it to make a note, play music, set a reminder, and lots more without ever logging in. Cortana is also getting a little more intelligent, with the ability to schedule appointments in Outlook or options to send friends a document you were working on a week ago.

  • Dark Theme & UI Tweeks

I love the new dark theme in Windows 10. Microsoft hadn’t fully completed the Windows 10 UI last year, but it’s starting to look a little more polished now. Most laptop displays and monitors have black bezels, and the continued use of a dark mode across the OS just bleeds naturally into the corners. You can switch on what I call even darker mode in settings, and it will switch built-in apps that typically use a white background over to black.

Dark theme Windows 10 Aniversary Update MAxAndroidApps


  • Set your time zone automatically

  • Windows Hello for apps and websites

Windows Hello is one of the best features that Microsoft added to Windows 10. It uses a special camera (usually found on the latest PCs and laptops) to scan your face and let you log into Windows without using a password. It rarely fails for me, and it’s so solid and seamless I have it enabled and use it daily. Microsoft is making Windows Hello even better in the Anniversary Update, with integration into apps and websites.

  • Windows 10 apps on Xbox One

The Xbox One is finally getting Windows apps. It feels like a promise that was made years ago, but it’s finally coming true with the Anniversary Update. As Windows 10 now powers the Xbox One, Microsoft will start rolling out an update to its console to provide support for Cortana on Xbox One and the new universal apps.

Xbox - Windows 10 Aniversary Update MaxAndroidApps

  • Bash in Windows

Microsoft surprised the developer world when it unveiled bash for Windows earlier this year. If you’re a developer then Bash on Windows 10 is a big deal, for everyone else it’s something you won’t really use. Microsoft is essentially adding the Linux command line to Windows 10, and it’s a great addition for Linux developers that need access to all their tools on Windows. It’s an optional Windows feature you’ll need to go in and enable, but once it’s setup you’ll receive updates if Microsoft tweaks it in the future. It might even help convince some developers to create apps for Microsoft’s platform.

  • Project To PC

First It was having this feature but it doesn’t work properly , now it works smooth.

  • New Skype App

Skype App - Windows 10 Anniversary Update MAxAndroidapps

  • Sync your phone notifications to your PC

Smartphone Connect - Windows 10 Anniversary update MaxAndroidapps

  • Windows as a service

Overall, I’m impressed with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. After just a year, Microsoft has managed to update Windows 10 with a solid amount of new features. This is the exact promise of Windows as a service, and it’s encouraging to see it in action. There are still many bigger things I’d love to see in Windows, but it’s often all these small additions that make for a better operating system overall. I’ve touched on most of the obvious feature additions, but Microsoft has also made a lot of fundamental improvements behind the scenes to better support multiple monitors and DPI scaling, improve battery life, and generally make Windows that bit faster.

Read Out Whole Features at The Verge

Did you like the update , Do let us know in the comments below , Thanks for reading – Have a great day ahead.


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