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How to install windows 10 on Windows Phone & Windows 10 mobile Review

Windows 10!!!! - WIndows 10 Mobile
Windows 10!!!!

How to Install Windows 10 on Windows Phone – Windows 10 is most Loveable Windows of all time. Windows10 has the best OS running. Now let me tell How to get it on your windows device.#Windows 10 Mobile#

  1. Initially  go to the Settings then Phone Update and click on Check updates.(Settings>Phone Update>Check for Updates). If you got the update from that an easy task but some of you will not get directly from there.
  2. If you don’t get the update from there , Go to Store — Search for the app “Upgrade Advisor” , Its an Official app from Microsoft Corporation.(Will be Shown in The Video).
  3. Then Run the App and let it check Updates for you. If your windows phone is eligible for the Windows 10 update then it will give you the update.
  4. As it completes the checking , Tick The checkbox and Click on the next button.
  5. Then again Repeat the 1st Step.(Settings>Phone update>Check for updates).You will get the update now for sure if your phone is eligible for the update.

If you didn’t understand anything ask in the comments below and watch the video for the better understanding.
Windows 10 Mobile Review – Windows 10 Surface is very smooth as compared to windows 8/8.1. Its is the best running windows among others. Windows 10 comes new technology , now many of the new apps are available in windows 10. After Upgrading to the windows 10 Go to the Windows  store and Update your all apps for better experience.
Windows 10 Comes with the High speed browser  “Microsoft Edge“. Windows 10 comes with the new keyboard with awesome emoji’s and easy swipe typing.
Windows 10 Comes with Great Looks , Many new looks , Now will show the screenshots of the new looks! Take look at the images!

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Also Watch The Video :-

How to install windows 10 on Windows Phone & Windows10 mobile Review:-

Windows 10 Mobile


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